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ZedX, Inc., founded in May, 1987, has been a leader in the development of agricultural business intelligence and information technology (IT) products and services for the sustainable agricultural industries. Drawing on its strong research and development core and extensive global experience, ZedX Inc. offers its clients and partners innovative and practical solutions that become industry benchmarks. ZedX, Inc. services bridge data management, analytics, knowledge management and collaboration enabling us to “connect the dots”, thereby developing innovative products and solutions for our customers.

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369 Rolling Ridge Drive , Bellefonte , Pennsylvania 16823 USA

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Agriculture - Agriculture Science and Research
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Nationally (across the country)
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ZedX is recognized as a R&D leader for the precision agriculture industry and became one of the leading solution providers of integrated agro-climatology business intelligence and decision support. ZedX was the first company to develop high resolution, raster weather databases that are compatible with Geographic Information System (GIS) programs.

Building tomorrow's technologies for today's solutions

  • Design, develop, and support decision-support intelligence tools for the Agricultural Industry across the supply chain.
    • The AgFleet® family (AFTrace, Application Order Tracker, Irrigation Scheduler) of in-season tactical web-based IT services for the grower and supplier segment of the Agricultural sector.
    • Provide weather-based decision-support services for managing complex early-warning pest management forecast and monitoring systems. This includes our NAPPFAST and PIPE systems.
  • Design, assemble, integrate, and support weather data systems.
    • Develop and distribute climatological, historical, and custom weather forecast data sets at spatial resolutions from one (1) km to thirty-two (32) km and temporal resolutions as short as one (1) hour to clients worldwide. The high resolution, weather databases serve as input into a wide range of government, university, and industrial models.
  • Design modeling and monitoring solutions for complex environmental systems.
    • Develop web-based collaboration tools to shape sustainable decision making for the agricultural industry.
    • Develop web-based tools to take advantage of new 'role-based' architecture to create an online clearing house of scientific information about pollen movement and deposition and its impact on allergies. This ZedX developed system provides online entry and retrieval of information coupled with state-of-the-art aerobiological models. This project is an international collaboration of plant physiologists, biologists, meteorologists, and medical personnel.
    • ZedX is part of a consortium of university, government, and NGO partners developing pilot watershed strategies and tools for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed clean up efforts. ZedX's contribution is the development of an integrated decision support tool that utilizes ZedX's new 'role-based' architecture, coupled with its extensive cloud based data and model libraries to support various levels decision making for watershed nutrient mitigation.
    • ZedX is participating in an international scientific collaboration to build a cyber infrastructure called the 'Global Phytophthora Network' (GPN). The GPN is designed to genetically catalog, field monitor, and manage Phytophthora, which is one of the most destructive groups of plant pathogens in the world. Early detection and accurate genetic identification will significantly increase the probability of preventing the outbreak and spread of new and reemerging Phytophthora diseases.
  • Integrate large-scale environmental data systems, with in-field sensing and networking technology for next generation automated decision making.
  • Partner with centers of excellence to develop advanced systems and technology to meet future customer needs.

On April 25, 2017, BASF has signed an agreement to acquire ZedX Inc.. ZedX is now part of the Crop Protection division of BASF. With the planned acquisition, BASF strengthens its digital farming footprint and further invests in helping growers take advantage of the increasing amount of big data generated in farming and beyond.

With a rapidly growing population, the world is increasingly dependent on our ability to develop and maintain sustainable agriculture and healthy environments. BASF’s Crop Protection division works with farmers, agricultural professionals, pest management experts and others to help make this possible. With their cooperation, BASF is able to sustain an active R&D pipeline, an innovative portfolio of products and services, and teams of experts in the lab and in the field to support customers in making their businesses succeed. In 2016, BASF’s Crop Protection division generated sales of more than €5.6 billion.

At BASF, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. The approximately 114,000 employees in the BASF Group work on contributing to the success of our customers in nearly all sectors and almost every country in the world. Our portfolio is organized into five segments: Chemicals, Performance Products, Functional Materials & Solutions, Agricultural Solutions and Oil & Gas. BASF generated sales of about €58 billion in 2016. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (BAS). Further information at www.basf.com.

  • ZedX Inc. was founded in 1987 near State College, Pennsylvania.
  • Recognized as a leading IT solution provider for the precision agricultural industry.
  • Became one of the leading developers of integrated information technology for decision making for the agricultural, environmental, and energy sectors.
  • In April 2017, ZedX became part of the BASF group, the world’s leading chemical company.
  • ZedX was the first company to develop high resolution, raster weather databases that are compatible with Geographic Information System (GIS) programs.
  • ZedX has co-developed a weather forecast service called E-Weather through a commercial venture called SkyBit, Inc.
  • ZedX developed a precision agriculture service called HighQ® through a commercial venture called AgVenture, L.L.C.
  • ZedX developed AgFleet®, an integrated interactive, web-based in-season, tactical decision support service to support sustainable production for the agricultural community.
  • ZedX developed an interactive, web-based platform (NAPPFAST) to support United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) planners in the allocation of resources and in the assessment of how an invasive species impacts agricultural production.
  • ZedX developed an interactive, web-based platform, the integrated pest management (ipm) Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education or ipmPIPE for the USDA APHIS, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES), and Risk Management Agency (RMA), as well as the governments of Canada and Mexico. The public version of the ipmPIPE resulted in significant savings to growers by providing timely information that supported unnecessary spraying of soybean rust.
  • ZedX created an image ordering and processing web-based product for John Deere Agricultural Services (JDAS).
  • ZedX is recognized as a leading Research & Development modeling company. A few key examples of its Research & Development works include:
    • Computer models for monitoring the environmental degradation of non-ceramic insulators for the electrical industry.
    • Gypsy Moth model for simulating the phenological development of gypsy moth across the U.S. based on high resolution, climatological data.
    • A Monarch model for simulating the arrival and coincident development of the butterfly life stages with corn plant phenology.
    • A multi-module, agricultural model which allows a user to determine the economic advantage of planting GMO seed by assessing the potential yield loss from a local pest, such as the European corn borer. The grower can vary a number of parameters such as choice of corn variety, planting date, and market value of a crop at harvest.
    • A three-dimensional, aerobiological model that simulates the potential global movement of an invasive species, such as soybean rust into the continental U.S.
    • An integrated wireless in-field sensing decision support system for apple growers to enhance tactical field operations.
    • An in-field customer supporting system that is integrated with operational tracking software to enhance real time reliability of customer service.
    • Software models to support in-field sensing of corn moisture content for the Bio-Fuels industry.
  • ZedX has been retained to develop an interactive sustainable agriculture web site for the Keystone Center 'Field to Market' to support strategic analysis of sustainable farming practices by growers throughout the nation.
  • ZedX developed a web-based mechanism for seed pedigree tracking for the rice industry to insure GMO seed segregation for selected markets.
  • ZedX is currently developing a global crop monitoring and yield forecast system (Intellicrop), designed to provide the most accurate crop commodity yield forecasts by integrating its weather data, satellite data, and crop modeled data into a seamless geo-referenced graphic interface with supporting analytical tools.