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  • Weather Systems

  • IntelliCrop™ - Weather Systesm

    IntelliCrop™ - Weather Systesm

    IntelliCrop is an online global agro-meteorological service combining climatological, meteorological and agronomic modeling with optional pre and post satellite analysis to create season long yield projections. These yield production estimates are specifically designed for decision and risk support in the insurance, finance, commodity projection, gene performance, biofuel and global transport sectors. IntelliCrop is a powerful decision support...

  • SkyBit - Site-specific Weather Systems

    SkyBit - Site-specific Weather Systems

    SkyBit has provided site-specific weather data to support the agricultural and energy communities in the private and public sectors. SkyBit's E-Weather Service™ delivers tabular and graphical information to users throughout the Eastern United States and Canada, including custom products to support a wide range of weather-dependent decisions.