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Zhejiang SiFang group, subordinate to the name of the Zhejiang province of Yongkang tractor factory, founded in 1961, is the first production of walking tractor and diesel engine of one of the enterprises, is China's machinery industry first 3A grade credit enterprise. Company to rice production the whole process mechanization of agriculture machinery for the company leading products, mainly a tractor, combine harvester, single-cylinder diesel engine three series. National product marketing, export to 55 countries and regions, in 1989 won the walking tractor industry exports laurel.

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No. 57, Yongtuo Road, Yongkang City , Zhejiang , Zhejiang 321315 China

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The company leading product' SiFang ' brand tractor have access to ' the most competitive brands on the market',' national exemption of import and export commodity inspection certificate',' Chinese famous brand products' such as the highest national honor, is the national agricultural and forestry machinery manufacturing industry was the only' national inspection exemption of import and export commodities' winning enterprises, in 2011 by the State General Administration of quality supervision and evaluation for the national inspection and quarantine credit AA level enterprise and industry quality credit enterprise,' SiFang trademark' as a well-known trademark in china.

After fifty years of development, enterprises have become a set by the trade and industry as a whole, agricultural machinery manufacturing, foreign trade, real estate development in a comprehensive, diversified development of large state-owned enterprises, China quality agricultural brand, the world's largest production base for export of walking tractor. The company has 1877 employees, 20 senior titles, intermediate title 103 people, nation registered quality engineer 2 people, total assets 654000000 yuan. The company set up under the Zhejiang SiFang limited liability company, Zhejiang SiFang import and export limited company, Yongkang City SiFang of International Trade Company Limited, Yongkang City Property Management Limited, Nanning SiFang Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited, Burma branch, Zhejiang SiFang SiFang group of Industrial Development Corporation, Zhejiang SiFang company parts factory, Zhejiang SiFang group of connecting rod factory 10 wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries.

In two, the company nearly three years of operating performance

2009: total of 133000 diesel engine, tractor, combine harvester 59000 of total station 430, total revenue 1370000000 yuan, exit is achieved collect 127600000 dollar.

2010: total of 154000 diesel engine, tractor, combine harvester 69000 of total station 320, total revenue 1738000000 yuan, exit is achieved collect 169000000 dollar.

2011: diesel sales of 158000 units, 63300 tractors, combine harvester 520, total revenue 1716000000 yuan, exit is achieved collect 179000000 dollar. In the industry of Chinese agriculture machinery in the top 50, ranked first in Zhejiang Province, industry ranks eighteenth.

Three, enterprise whole relocated

To further enhance the level of technique and equipment, improve product competitiveness in the market square, 2008, Yongkang municipal government approved the implementation of the overall relocation, relocation projects a total investment of 450000000 yuan, the main goal is to form a complete from stamping, welded to the coating assembly, single-cylinder diesel engine, tractor, combine harvester manufacturing system. The new plant will have an annual output of walking tractor 100000, single-cylinder diesel engine 200000, combine harvester 10000, wheeled tractor production capacity of 40000 units. The overall relocation project of single cylinder diesel engine production was in 2010 July relocation to the new factory. At present, the overall relocation project phase two 60000 square meters of tractor, combine harvester plant project has started construction.

In four, the company long-term development goals

In 2004,' the people's Republic of China Agricultural Mechanization Promotion Law' promulgated and implemented. According to agriculture machinery market situation changes, the company put forward the ' based on the agricultural, social services, to create a hundred years the SiFang' in long-term operation and development goal, made clear target market development and product development direction.

Market development goals: foreign markets in Asia, Africa, America and other rice mainly to the domestic market; to the south of the Yangtze River as the target market. At present, in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma and other major domestic and foreign markets, the SiFang has dominant effect of brand.

The product development direction is: whole journey mechanization to paddy field agriculture machinery, continue to focus on the tractor, diesel engine, harvester three series of products.

The 1 single cylinder diesel engine to energy saving, environmental protection development: Based on the national energy-saving emission reduction requirements of environmental protection, as well as the development trend of the market, in 2008 the company successfully developed SF120 / SF130 / SF140 is a new generation of highly efficient series single cylinder diesel engine, its emissions targets to achieve national II standard, is the most advanced domestic diesel engine, at present, have been exported foreign market.

2 tractor based on the southern hilly area, to do fine, special

  • maintain the existing leading products GN101, GN151 hand hold advanced structure, improve the matching of agricultural products, increase the use of function, to meet the needs of users.
  • adapt to the development of mountainous and hilly areas of paddy field and dry land, can work below 8 horsepower tillage machinery. Has developed and produced 1Z-20 tillage machine, using the precursor after agrarian structure, with light weight, good reliability, operation comfort features, particularly suitable for southern paddy field operation.
  • adapt to the development of southern paddy field operation below 100 horsepower wheeled tractor, realize product upgrade. This year, has developed a 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 horsepower wheel tractor, advanced product structure, convenient and flexible operation, high work efficiency, next year will enter the market test.

3 combine to medium-sized machinery development

Company's existing products 4L-80 wheel harvester and 4LZ-1.0 crawler harvester, with its compact structure, good reliability, adaptability is strong wait for an advantage, by the user favorite Canton in southern hilly area. In order to further improve the working efficiency, meet the needs of different users, the company will develop the cutting width of 2.5 meters high performance track rice and wheat harvester ( rape machine ).

In five, the company of 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' development planning goals

Grasp the overall relocation of opportunity, implementation company system, mechanism and management innovation, increase the technical inputs, complete product upgrade. Dominant product output target: walking tractor 100000, single-cylinder diesel engine 200000, wheeled tractor 5000, combine harvester 5000, gross value of industrial output, sales revenue, total profit and export more than' eleven five ' at the end of doubling. Business development to become the domestic first-class, internationally renowned South China's largest small agricultural machinery production base and export base, become industry of our country agriculture machinery of the little giant.