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  • Seed Cleaner Machine

    Seed Cleaner Machine

    The  seed processing machinery sift based on aerodynamics and the surface speed difference of seed and impurities, adjusting the seed of the air current. As impurities are light, they are sucked into the ejection chamber, while seed is heavy and is transferred into a vibrating sift having passed through air sifting.The vibrating is four layers sieves with five exits which eject large impurities, small impurities and seed respectively, The...

  • Model 460 - Hydraulic Digital Display Paper Cutter

    Model 460 - Hydraulic Digital Display Paper Cutter

    Hydraulic Double Digital Display Paper Cutter adopts position testing device through liquid crystal .screen to display its dimensions with resolution rate of 0.10mm correct reading paper feeding device adopts  .guide wheel to ensure the cutting precision,so it is an ideal cutting machine of the first choice for precise items. .The cutting adopts flat worm speed redactor. And the structure of knife bed is reasonable make—ready layout.