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Ziggity Systems. Performance of your birds, as well as your poultry watering system. As the poultry watering specialists, we are dedicated to helping you improve performance through customer-focused service, education and innovative products for broiler, breeder/parent stock, egg and turkey poult operations worldwide.

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P.O. Box 1169 | 101 Industrial Parkway , Middlebury , Indiana 46540 USA

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It’s all about maximum performance.

Water is one of the most important contributors to a bird's growth and health. It softens the food birds eat so digestion can occur. The more water birds drink, the more food they can eat. This results in better performance, such as weight gain and egg production. But water that spills into pits and litter is counterproductive to bird performance.

As the poultry watering specialist, Ziggity's goal is to help you maximize flock performance by focusing on three critical areas:

Bird Performance.Measurements include weight, livability, feed conversion, undergrades, egg production, egg size, etc.

Litter Performance. Drinking systems should keep the litter dry, improving bird performance by making conditions in poultry houses more hygienic.

System Performance. Drinking systems made of high-quality materials will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use over time and ensure a good return on investment.

Our philosophy about water

We believe so strongly in the importance of water and bird performance that we've put the following commitments in writing:

  • We are the only company that focuses exclusively on the watering needs of poultry producers.
  • We consider maximizing bird, litter and system performance as the guiding principle for everything we do.
  • We always emphasize the need for maximum payback (return on investment) instead of lower costs over the short term for producers.
  • We recognize the importance of proper management in bird and litter performance and do more to help producers effectively manage their operations than any other watering system manufacturer.
  • We champion watering-related issues that affect producers the most (and that other manufacturers won’t tackle). No manufacturer of watering systems focuses on performance and results like Ziggity.

Results are all that matter

Ziggity Systems is dedicated to helping broiler, breeder/parent stock, egg, turkey, duck and geese producers worldwide improve performance through customer-focused service, education and results-producing products. Stated differently, the quality and performance of poultry watering systems are the driving force behind everything we do.

Products that improve performance

At Ziggity Systems, our renewed focus is providing producers with products that deliver the highest performance possible. That's why we now have a very selective product line — only those with proven results in the field. It's also why we refuse to introduce new products for the sake of gaining attention and PR.

Our Max 3 drinkers illustrate this emphasis on performance. Max 3 drinkers have proven themselves in delivering improved bird performance, litter performance and drinker system performance.

Customer-focused service

The poultry watering system in any operation is not just a lifeline for birds. It is also a major investment in the profitability of the farm. That's why we reach out to producers around the world to help ensure they use the right system for their needs and that their system performs at optimal levels.

We routinely spend time with producers, touring poultry houses, listening to concerns, giving advice and helping implement changes to improve results.

Plus, we thoroughly field-test our products in real production environments before authorizing full distribution. Leading agricultural universities also provide us with studies and analyses of our products.

We stand behind our products because we believe in them and want producers to rest assured they can entrust their birds — and by extension the success of their operation — to Ziggity Systems. That's why we offer a 10-year prorated warranty on most of our drinkers.


Apart from working one-on-one with producers, we provide information about water management issues through various communication pieces, including this Web site.

Worldwide vision

With headquarters in Middlebury, Indiana, USA, Ziggity has captured a major share of the poultry watering market in the United States and has become a leading brand in many countries. We have sales, distribution and partnerships in key locations around the world.

Despite regional and national differences in poultry production methods, two things remain constant: the direct relationship between poultry operation performance and watering and Ziggity's 100 percent commitment to providing your operation with the best system for optimum results.