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  • Poultry Drinkers

  • Ziggity - Model Max3 - Poultry Drinkers

    Ziggity - Model Max3 - Poultry Drinkers

    Drinkers from Ziggity consistently produce exceptional bird performance: including weight, feed conversion, livability and undergrades. These advanced drinkers deliver all the hygienic water birds need to ensure dry litter and keep birds healthy. To view performance results that prove Max3 Drinkers perform better,

  • Ziggity - Model Max8 - Poultry Drinkers

    Ziggity - Model Max8 - Poultry Drinkers

    Try Ziggity Max8 drinkers in your commercial layer system, and see the difference for yourself! Dry slats, belts and litter, plus improved performance of your commercial layers are as simple as installing Ziggity Max8 drinkers on your existing commercial layer watering system. The Max8 drinker was designed exclusively for layers with most parts exclusive to this drinker. It delivers the right amount of water layers need without oversupply.

  • Ziggity Lubing - Watering System

    Ziggity Lubing - Watering System

    If your Lubing watering system is getting old or doesn’t perform up to expectations, you probably don’t have to replace the entire watering system. By upgrading to state-of-the-art Ziggity drinkers you will probably achieve significant improvement in bird, litter and product performance, while reducing energy costs.

  • Pressure Pro - Watering System

    Pressure Pro - Watering System

    Pressure Pro is an easy and straightforward management tool to help poultry producers maintain dry, friable litter conditions while simultaneously reducing labor costs. Pressure Pro allows producers to adjust the pressure in all water lines in a poultry house at the same time, rather than attending to each regulator manually, one at a time. This gives producers several important benefits:

  • Poultry Watering Systems - Start Grow Systems

  • Ziggity Start Grow - Model Ace TL - Drinkers

    Ziggity Start Grow - Model Ace TL - Drinkers

    TL Drinkers consistently achieve the best overall performance in head-to-head field comparisons, even in heavy bird operations. Ziggitys exclusive Twin Lock feature assures the drinkers are never accidentally dislodged from the saddle.

  • Poultry Watering Systems - Floor Systems

  • Ziggity Ace Aktive - Model TL - Drinkers

    Ziggity Ace Aktive - Model TL - Drinkers

    This advanced system combines the durability and strength of Ziggity’s Ace 22.30 mm O.D. .88 in.), black ABS pipe to deliver hygienic water to its twin-lock (TL) drinkers. The watering system is held in place by Aktive brackets that have no cavities, leaving bacteria and other contaminants fewer places to hide.

  • Ziggity Ace - Model TL - Clip-On Poultry Drinkers

    Ziggity Ace - Model TL - Clip-On Poultry Drinkers

    Ace Clip-On Brackets allow producers to access Ziggity Ace pipe technology at reduced costs. Both Ace system cost and installation time are significantly reduced without sacrificing system or bird performance.

  • Cage Systems

  • Ziggity - Model Ace TL - Cage

    Ziggity - Model Ace TL - Cage

    Maintain dry pits and excellent bird performance with Ziggitys Cage Layer System. Deliver the right amount of fresh water to your birds with twin-lock (TL) drinkers and Ace 22.30 mm O.D. (0.88 in) black pipe all day, every day, while keeping pits and belts drier.

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  • Feeders

  • Revolution - Broiler Feeding System

    Revolution - Broiler Feeding System

    Easier, more comfortable eating. Faster rate of gain. More precise feed level control. More consistent bird uniformity. Conserves feed; less feed waste. Greater total bird weight. Reliable and innovative construction

  • Model G+ - Poultry Feeder

    Model G+ - Poultry Feeder

    The Heavy-Duty Feeder for Roosters, Roasters, Turkeys and Other Poultry. Starts Birds Well and Saves Feed as Birds Grow for Top Feed Conversion

  • Model H2 - Broiler Feeder

    Model H2 - Broiler Feeder

    The Chore-Time Model H2™ Broiler Feeding System fills feeder pans high to attract day-old chicks, then adjusts to a low feed level to conserve feed while finishing birds. The available feed chutes and flood collar provide extra versatility for growers who want to fill the pan high, or even over-fill the pan to feed on paper. Grill-less design gives birds easy access to feed and allows young birds to exit pans without restriction. The Model...

  • Drinkers

  • RELIA-FLOW - Nipple Drinking System

    RELIA-FLOW - Nipple Drinking System

    Precision-machined, stainless steel parts in flow-control area. Drinkers can be triggered from 360°. All parts resist corrosion, and the U.V.-resistant gray PVC pipe blocks light to minimize algae growth. Saddle-to-pipe structure minimizes leaks by using a special assembly process without glue or o-rings. Rigid aluminum support channel also serves as an anti-roost device. Factory-assembled sections are easy to install and to operate and have low...

  • ADVANTI-FLOW - Drinker for Poults

    ADVANTI-FLOW - Drinker for Poults

    Poults get off to a good start by drinking from nipple discs and from litter-saving dual catch cups. Birds get plenty of water, and floors stay drier. 'Pockets' in the uniquely designed drinker disc hold water to attract poults and direct water toward birds as they drink. The disc also provides leverage for easier triggering during brood. Innovative dual catch cups have a rounded edge for bird comfort and shallow depth to help prevent build-up....

  • Ventilation, Cooling and Heating

  • ENDURA - Model 145-cm (57-Inch) - Fan

    ENDURA - Model 145-cm (57-Inch) - Fan

    Chore-Time's Energy-Efficient ENDURA® Fan could save 14% or more in energy costs compared to Chore-Time's own great-performing 137.2-cm (54-inch) High-Capacity Fan, often while using the same number of fans! . All ENDURA® Fan components were designed by Chore-Time to maximize overall fan efficiency.

  • Nests and Collectors

  • Side Belt Egg Gathering Systems

    Side Belt Egg Gathering Systems

    Nest lids are hinged to facilitate training the hens not to roost in the nests. In the event of a power outage, egg tray covers are hinged for easy access for hand gathering eggs. Installs easily on existing 3.7 m (12-foot) or wider slats.

  • Broiler Colony System

  • STRATA - Model CT-2569/201501 - Broiler Colony System

    STRATA - Model CT-2569/201501 - Broiler Colony System

    Corrosion-proof plastic flooring flexes beneath the birds for greater comfort.  Openings permit easy manure pass-through to the manure belt below. Chore-Time's MODEL C2® PLUS Shallow Feeder is well-known for easy management and excellent feed conversion. Flood feature helps with starting chicks, and pans can be winched up as birds grow.

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  • Pan Feeding Systems

  • Hi-Lo Classic & Hi-Lo VIII Pan Feeding

    Hi-Lo Classic & Hi-Lo VIII Pan Feeding

    Two-Stage pan performance inside one complete feeder is the idea behind Cumberland's revolutionary Hi-Lo* Pan Feeding System. The Hi-Lo pan feeder represents a unique concept in the poultry industry, using one feeder to take birds from day old through adult.The first 7-10 days of a broiler's life are critical. The Hi-Lo pan feeder starts on the house floor, presenting a lip height of 2.1' (5.33 cm), the average height of traditional 'chick...

  • Pro-1 Pan Feeding

    Pro-1 Pan Feeding

    Cumberland’s Pro-1* Broiler Pan Feeder ushers in a new era of excellence in feeder technology. With a new patented design, the Pro-1 provides exceptional performance for a broiler feeding system. Care for your birds from day one through grow-out with just one pan feeder. On the floor, the collapsible pan with window guard offers the traditional 2” lip height for chicks and keeps chicks from entering the flood window. Raise the feed line...

  • Breeder Pullet Pan Feeding

    Breeder Pullet Pan Feeding

    Improve uniformity and feeding efficiency while reducing stressful in-house migration and mortality. By running on a continuous cycle with a constantly 'charged' line, the Cumberland Cycle Plus Pan Feeder system elinimates 'skips' in feed delivery, distributes feed evenly and simultaneously to all pans on the line, assures equal access to feed for all birds and generates less feed separation than the typical programmed feeding system.

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  • Poultry Watering Systems

  • OptiGROW - Broilers Nipple Drinking System

    OptiGROW - Broilers Nipple Drinking System

    OptiGROW - The Ultimate Broiler Nipple Optimized for Growth. Lubing's all-new OptiGROW Nipple is proving grow-out after grow-out to be the ultimate broiler nipple. The results are speaking volumes! The OptiGROW Nipple is manufactured from specifically selected chemical resistant stainless steel and encapsulated in an enlarged engineered thermoplastic body. It was specifically engineered to optimize bird growth in today's...

  • Lubing - Breeder Pullet Drinking Systems

    Lubing - Breeder Pullet Drinking Systems

    Lubing's Breeder Pullet Drinking Systems offer the most effective and precise water delivery required to satisfy the needs of birds of all ages. The FeatherSoft nipple design incorporates cutting edge technology that is a result of more than 60 years of experience. FeatherSoft nipples offer precision movements that allow easy triggering from any angle for fast starts and optimum water flow at every age.

  • Lubing - Turkeys Nipple Drinking Systems

    Lubing - Turkeys Nipple Drinking Systems

    Lubing's newest innovation in drinking systems for turkeys reflects the pioneering spirit that lives within the organization. The all-new EasyLine drinker is the world's biggest breakthrough in turkey nipple drinking technology.

  • Lubing - Caged Pullet / Layers Nipple Watering Systems

    Lubing - Caged Pullet / Layers Nipple Watering Systems

    Lubing's nipple watering systems for Rearing Layer Pullets are essential for achieving optimum bird growth. The unique design of Lubing nipples offers the precise movement of the triggering pin that is critical during the first stages of a chick's life. The soft 360° triggering of young birds allows smaller volumes of water to be delivered while the more aggressive triggering of older birds allows larger volumes of water to be delivered.

  • Poultry Egg Conveying

  • Lubing - Curve Rod Conveyors

    Lubing - Curve Rod Conveyors

    Lubing Curve Rod Conveyors have established a strong position in the marketplace because of their exceptional quality, reliability, performance and trouble-free operation. The flexibility of its design allows this system to be adapted to nearly any imaginable configuration with curves, angles, heights and distances. Each system is engineered and custom designed to offer the best possible performance.

  • Lubing - Accumulator Tables

    Lubing - Accumulator Tables

    Lubing Accumulator Tables offer increased flexibility in directing eggs into the grading machines from rod conveyors, belt conveyors, dirty egg return conveyors, and eggs from offline loaders.

  • Bird Removal

  • Chick-Out - Bird Removal System

    Chick-Out - Bird Removal System

    Lubing's Chick-Out Bird Removal System simplifies the task of removing dead birds from your poultry building. Not only does this make heavy work easy but it helps promote a cleaner environment for your birds. The patent-pending Chick-Out system consists of a mechanized suspended oval chain track with hooks. Birds are easily hung by their feet and automatically removed at any desired location inside the building or discharged at the end of the building...