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Zipper Mowers, established in 1992, is a leader in manufacturing high quality, commercial lawn mowers and attachments for a variety of landscaping solutions. Zipper, headquartered in Augusta, Kansas has been focusing it’s efforts on many growth focused efforts including the restructuring of is production facilities. By expanding their product line, they plan to expand their market exponentially.

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137 Cross Center Drive #246, , Denver , North Carolina 28037 USA

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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  • 1992 — The Grazer Mower had been a popular mower built and sold around the Wichita Kansas area. The brand and production rights were bought by Ingersoll and all production had moved to Wisconsin, leaving the current production facility in Augusta, Kansas. A decision was made by ex-Grazer employees to re-start production of a mower to be known as a “Zipper” in the Augusta facility. R & D was started to develop a mower similar to the Grazer, but much improved.
  • 1993 — Production of the first Zipper Time Saver™ was started in Augusta, KS. The first models were 18 and 20HP units with 54″ and 64″ decks, using the unique deck design that allowed float not only front to rear, but side to side giving superior quality of cut over uneven surfaces.
  • 1994 — Developed the first 74″ deck as the widest cutting width available for any front-mount mower.
  • 1998 — October 31, Augusta and the Zipper Manufacturing facility were flooded with 4′ of water owing to a dike breaking at a nearby confluence of two rivers. The ensuing damage put Zipper out of business for almost two years as the clean-up and reconstruction proceeded.
  • 1999 — Two local businessmen purchased Zipper from the original developer, and proceeded with an improved version of the original Time Saver™, re-building the market that had been lost owing to the flood.
  • 2003 — Developed and introduced the 17HP 44″ deck Legacy mower. This mower was in addition to the Time Saver™, and Zipper built this mower for 2 years until production was halted by a sudden unavailability of key components.
  • 2006 — Development started on the Super Time Saver™ front-mount mower using an improved 64” or 74” deck. This mower was designed with more strength and durability in mind as previous customers had requested improvements in several areas.
  • 2007 — The Super Time Saver™ is introduced to the marketplace and finds good acceptance with farmers, ranchers, parks departments, industrial parks, colleges and any other maintainers of massive areas of turf owing to its speed and quality of cut.
  • 2008 — Introduced 31HP 50″ and 60″ mid-mount mowers in an effort to broaden the Zipper product assortment. This machine is designed for finer grasses and smaller areas of maintenance. Also, in March of 2008 Zipper was purchased by Onyx Environmental Solutions, Inc. becoming Zipper Mowers LLC, and adding propane-powered mowers to the then current gasoline-powered models, using Onyx’s Enviroguard™ technology.
  • 2009 — Development began on a Mini Time Saver™ that is approximately 2/3 the size and weight of the Super Time Saver™ using a 44” or 54” deck.
  • 2010 — Development began on an improved version of the mid-mount mower addressing several operator concerns and improving performance, balance, operator comfort and ergonomics. This mower will be known as the Estate Time Saver™. During the summer, a major change in management brings a massive re-structuring of the manufacturing facility ensuring better efficiencies and quality controls.
  • 2011 — The Mini Time Saver™ and Estate Time Saver™ along with an improved Super Time Saver™ will be introduced to the marketplace during the early spring. Development work will start soon on a diesel powered Time Saver™.

Zipper Mowers’ design philosophy is to build high quality products that are focused on the needs and requirements of professional users where quality and function are more important than looks and price. We believe that by not trying to be all things to all people we are able to actually build innovative no compromise machines. Machines that large companies designing product to a price point, for every market segment, and by committee just can’t.

Due to this philosophy, Zipper’s products are not compromised to increase margin or reduce costs. Our products are designed and built by our guiding principals with as little overhead as possible. Our unique business model allows Zipper to be extremely price competitive while delivering un-surpassed quality. Simply put we don’t answer to Wall Street, or an “offshore” owner, just our customers.

Zipper’s common design themes are all about innovation in operator comfort, speed, and durability. For instance our Clean Cut Decks provide less debris blow back on the operator for increased comfort while dramatically increasing cut quality and enabling higher cut speeds.

Our use of the latest EnviroGard technology to provide alternative fueled engines for our products is about increased durability, reduced operating costs, and dramatically lower emissions.

Our use of only the best components is about reduced operating costs in the long haul and not cutting corners to increase profits for stockholders in the short term.

Our use of domestically produced components is about being able to monitor and control quality, deliver products in a timely manner, and sustain our US manufacturing to enable building high quality products. Not about purchasing the cheapest part to better margins at the expense of our customer’s experience.

Our features such as:

Offset front axles that provide improve wet condition cutting by tracking on the lifting side of the blades.

Fabricated shatterproof spindles that deform instead of breaking.

Heavy-duty electric clutches that last longer and can handle extra heavy loads.
Clutched electric deck lifts that allow on the fly deck rising while being extremely durable.

Headlights for workdays that last longer than the sun light does.

These features are all about making our machines perform and last when they are needed most. At the end of the day when that last little bit of the job has to be done and coming up short just isn’t an option these small details serve to assure your Zipper is there to do it’s job, no matter what, just like you.