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  • Model ZMB305 - Garden Machinery

    Model ZMB305 - Garden Machinery

    Metal blade or nylon cutter. Gasoline brush cutter. Single-cylinder, two-stroke, forced air-cooled engine. Metal blade and nylon cutter can be adjusted. Max. engine power: 1.21kW. Displacement: 30.5cc. GW/NW: 8kg/7kg. Loading amount: 500pcs/20' container, 1,000pcs/40' container. Packing size: 1870 x 300 x 290 (100) mm. GS/CE approval.

  • Model ZMT230 - Garden Machinery

    Model ZMT230 - Garden Machinery

    Blade type: double-sided. Power transmission method: automatic centrifugal clutch spur gear, cam-crank. Blade size (L x H x P): 600 x 21 x 35mm. Outward size (L x W x H): 1,010 x 230 x 220mm. Weight: 7.0kg. Engine type: gasoline, single-cylinder air-cooled, two-cycle. Displacement volume: 25.4cc. Carburetor: diaphragm, rotary valve. Starting method: recoil starter. Stopping method: primary short circuiting. Fuel: lubricating oil mixed gasoline (mixing...

  • Model LDP2600 - Leader Power Machinery

    Model LDP2600 - Leader Power Machinery

    Optional 800mm extension pole with safety trigger-throttle latch. Optional bar 10 or 12 inches optional length 2,265 or 3,035mm. Electronic ignition. Primer carburetor. Safety trigger-throttle latch. Three-position choke. Trouble-free performance. Automatic chain oiler. Anti-vibration, fast-idle control. Engine displacement: 25.4cc. Chain pitch: 3/8-inch. Chain gauge: 0.050-inch (1.3mm). Maximum no load speed: 11,500rpm. Speed in maximum power:...