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  • Ventilation

  • Truss Rail Ventilation System

    Truss Rail Ventilation System

    In the so-called Venlo greenhouses, truss-rail ventilation is the system that is most commonly used at this moment.Here, a moving push-pull tube is used, which is connected to the vents by means of push rods.For this truss-rail system we supply rail mechanism housings and self-lubricating diabolo rolls for various truss sizes.The rail mechanism housing clamped around the lattice guarantees a stable guidance...

  • Horizontal Screening

  • Venlo Wire Screen System

    Venlo Wire Screen System

    In the wire screen system, a drive tube with clamping bushes, onto which steel cables can be wound and unwound, takes care of the horizontal movement of the screen profile between the lattices. The screen resting on the wire bed is mounted to the screen profile, which in its turn is moving between the lattices. For an energy tight closure of a screening installation, a slip element is mounted under the screen profile. This slip element has an...

  • Poly Greenhouses Wire System

    Poly Greenhouses Wire System

    For greenhouses without lattice girders, such as certain types of poly greenhouses, Snelder has a suitable screening system as well.In such cases, we use a 19 mm tube as screen profile.To this, the various parts will be clamped, such as saddle clamps, screen stoppers, tube clamps and cable holders. The drive is identical to the one that is used for the pull-wire system for Venlo greenhouses.

  • Push/Pull System

    Push/Pull System

    In the push/pull system, the screening system is operated by means of gear-racks and push/pull tubes.In their turn, these are coupled to the screen profile drawn between the lattices.The diabolo wheel brackets will guide the push/pull tube. For screening a shorter (end) section, Snelder uses a special four roll delay unit.

  • Rolling Screens

  • Wall Screen

    Wall Screen

    A wall screen is usually supplied with one groove.Several screens can also be mounted per wall, depending on the number of purlin fields.In this way, a wall can also be partly darkened.

  • Twin Rolling Screen

    Twin Rolling Screen

    A twin rolling screen is characterized by the winding tube with motor which is located in the middle of the screening section.The benefit of this is that larger sections can be darkened, which is a good solution for higher greenhouses in particular.