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  • Compost for Aquatic Plant Systems
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    Compost for Aquatic Plant Systems

    By HydroMentia, Inc.

    Compost produced from managed aquatic plant systems have proved to be a valuable commodity. Studies conducted by the University of Florida have found that the demand for organic compost far exceeds the potential ...

  • Compost Respirometer
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    Compost Respirometer

    By Columbus Instruments

    Oxymax-C is a special adaptation of the Columbus Instruments Oxymax Deluxe System with features specific to compost research. The instrument incorporates specially designed air-flow and temperature controllers that ...

  • Coir Bricks
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    Coir Bricks

    By Botanicoir Ltd

    Botanicoir produces a range of flower products, from disks and briquettes, to blocks and bags for an equally wide range of flowering plants including orchids, gerberas and roses. In particular, over the course of many ...

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  • Science of Composting

    Quality of compost. Use of compost. Starting materials. Composting process. Composting design. Bioremediation. Legislation, marketing and economy. ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Consortium of Italian Composters (CIC)

    The Italian Composting Association (C.I.C.) unites public and private companies, local authorities and others involved in the production of compost, ...

  • Rotary Composters, LLC

    Rotary Composters, LLC

    The Rotoposter concept was formed when two of the founders needed to find an environmentally acceptable option for swine mortality from their ...

  • Tri-Form Poly, Inc.

    Tri-Form Poly, Inc.

    Ecodrum™ is the leading brand of in-vessel mortality composting equipment, relied on by poultry, turkey, and hog producers since 2007. Tri-Form Poly ...

  • Ohio Compost Association, Inc.

    The Ohio Compost Association believes educating ourselves and others, sharing information, cooperating to solve problems, and making our voices ...

  • CompostManager


    CompostManager is a business founded on Research and Development. The global composting industry continues to grow and evolve, facing multiple ...