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    A500 Rocket Food Waste Composter

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    By Tidy Planet Limited

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    B2500 Rocket Food Waste Composter

    The B2500 is our largest single unit, in vessel composter. Capable of trreating up to 5000kg per day of organic wastes, this unit has been designed to have minimal maintenance requirements, high throughput and is semi-portable. Low op-ex and ease of use key in its design and ...

    By Tidy Planet Limited

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    A900 Rocket Food Waste Composter

    The most popular on site Rocket in vessel food waste composting system the A900 is used at large hospitality locations, remote oil & gas pipeline exploraion camps, prisons and luxury hotels ...

    By Tidy Planet Limited

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    A1200 Rocket Food Waste Composter

    The A1200 Rocket Composter, the first in the Tidy Planet range of high capacity in vessel food waste composting sytstems,capable of treating food wastes, green garden wastes, yard scraps and trimmings and animal wastes. Continual throughput, higher levels of automation and minimal moving ...

    By Tidy Planet Limited

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    JK 6200 – Compost Machine Brochure

    The JK6200 is an entirely new type of compost machine which features: A powerful, integrated shredder/grinder which chops up the waste material into small pieces. An option for users to dispose of waste using compostable paper bags. An optional automatic pellet doser, ensuring that the correct amount of pellets are inserted every time. A unique mixing function which ensures production of a ...

    By Joraform AB

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    L & M - Silt Snake Compost Filter Socks - Datasheet

    The Silt Snake Compost Filter Sock Berm is a three dimensional tubular sediment control and filtration device used as a perimeter control on construction ...

    By L & M Supply Company

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    KAHL - Pelleting of Compost - Brochure

    PelletingPelleting of compost for the production of fertilizerAK-51-D 02/12Task:Opening of new markets for the use of compostSolution:Increase of nutrient content withsimultaneous improvement of handlingResult:Processing of a compost / fertilizermixture to pelletsCompost with NPKRaw compostPelleted compost with NPKDried pelleted compost with NPKSprayed and coatedcompost pelletsCompost from the ...

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

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    Joraform - Biocontainer -Brochure

    Introducing the all new JORAFORM BIOCONTAINER based on the worldwide proven cutting edge composting technology from JORAFORM in ...

    By Joraform AB

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    Joracompost JK 5100 Brochure

    The JK5100 is an entirely new type of compost machine which features: - a powerful, integrated shredder/grinder which chops up the waste material into small pieces - an option for users to dispose of waste using compostable paper bags - an optional automatic pellet doser, ensuring that the correct amount of pellets are inserted every time - a unique mixing function which ensures production of ...

    By Joraform AB

  • RotoBag - Silage and Compost Bag Brochure

    RotoBag silage and compost bag suitable to be used with any bagging machine. Available in different sizes, diameters and tickness. RotoBag are silage bags with one of the best price / performance. These bags are availables in different size, lenghts, tickness, specifications, colours and ...

    By Apiesse S.r.l.

  • RotoCom - Compost Rotating Bagging Machine Brochure

    RotoCom Compost rotating bagging machine to bag organic material in a compost bag for a decomposition inside the vessel (bag) in a ventilated bag through air inflated pipelines that decompose the organic material inside the bag. Feedable by ...

    By Apiesse S.r.l.

  • Feedstock Mixers Brochure

    The first step to great composting is to start with a weight-controlled mix. Helm Welding and ECS have worked together providing compost feedstock mixing systems for 20 years to serve this purpose. No one in the industry builds a tougher mixer than Helm.  ECS integrates the Helm mixers with smart controls, conveyors, hoppers, and motors to provide a complete solution. We offer mixers in both ...

  • In-Vessel Tunnel-Type Composting System - Brochure

    ECS offers the only In-Vessel Tunnel-type composting system developed and built in North America.  This technology offers the ultimate in Best Management Practice compliance, odor and leachate control, and below freezing cold weather performance. Their sealed, well-drained, and highly controlled aeration allows them to reliably manage less-than-ideal feedstock mixes without creating nuisance ...

  • TeleProbe - Model RF - Wireless Temperature Probes Brochure

    Some compost is not kind to electrical cables.  For those facilities, ECS developed a wireless temperature probe, the RF TeleProbe. The RF TeleProbe delivers accurate wireless compost temperature data for process control and regulatory compliance. Twenty years of continuous improvement have endowed the RF TeleProbe with the industry’s best battery life and data rates in a super robust ...

  • Model 2-0-2 - Liquid Nitrogen Supplement Brochure

    2-0-2 is designed to be used as a nitrogen supplement for organic crop production. It is not intended as the total nitrogen source. Crop rotation, compost and other organic soil building amendments are ...

    By AgriEnergy Resources, L.L.C

  • Compost Starter Brochure

    Compost Starter is a package of microbes that aid in the breakdown of carbons in the composting process. ...

    By AgriEnergy Resources, L.L.C

  • HCL - Windrow Compost Turner - Specification Sheet

    The model CT-10 windrow compost turner is a rugged and dependable pull-type machine. The CT-10 can easily be towed on public highways by folding in the outer wing and removing the outer gage wheel. The CT-10 can also be disassembled quickly for long haul transportation. With an output capacity of 1500-1700 cubic yards per hour, the CT-10 is the preferred machine for sites producing less than ...

    By HCL Machine Works

  • Model PTO PA35D-10.5 - Farm Tractor Composter Brochure

    Brown Bear Corporation has introduced a revised model of its farm tractor composter. The PTO PA35D-10.5 unit is designed to be attached to the front of 100-160 HP farm tractors. The composter requires a front 3-point hitch, 1000 RPM PTO, and creeper transmission. It is available for ISO and counter ISO PTO shaft rotation. Compost biosolids, yard waste, manure and other organics easily and ...

    By Brown Bear Corporation

  • In-Vessel Composting & Biodrying Systems Brochure

    Agitated bay with forced aeration type technology for the toughest compost applications. Can accept the widest feedstock variations, requires the smallest system footprint and provides maximized odor capture and treatment ...

    By BDP Industries

  • Caesar - Model 1506 / 1507 - Cranes Brochure

    We are specialized in the construction of cranes that are used in the agricultural sector, the construction sector, forestry, composting and by water companies. The cranes have a wide range of functions and possibilities. This versatility means that Caesar cranes can be deployed in a great many different places. A Caesar crane carries on where other cranes give up. We have a production facility ...

    By Wellink Caesar

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