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  • Volumetric Bagging System
    Showcase Product

    Volumetric Bagging System

    By Firstgrade Recycling Systems Ltd

    Firstgrade’s Volumetric bagging system is designed for products such as compost, mulch and woodchip, which have variable density depending on moisture content. The volumetric system ensures a full, presentable bag ...

  • Heavy Duty Spreader
    Showcase Product

    Heavy Duty Spreader

    By Leo Agriculture

    The LEO 20 series is a heavy duty spreader/wagon that is superior in the market and can be used for manure, compost, grain etc. It utilizes a single axle design that allows a very tight turn radius. It has a twin auger ...

  • Super Spreader
    Showcase Product

    Super Spreader

    By Mohrlang Fabrication

    The MOHRLANG FABRICATION Super Spreader is the Top-of-the-Line, truck/trailer mounted spreader for manure, compost and silage. Made in Brush, Colorado, and is available in three standard sizes. Our Super Spreader is ...

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  • Penergetic Canada

    Penergetic Canada

    Sustainable agriculture, biological farming and holistic agriculture are interchangeable terms often used to describe an approach to farming that ...