Composting Equipment in Australasia

  • BIOBOX - On-site Aerobic/ Anaerobic Composting System

    The BIOBOX in an on-site aerobic/ anaerobic composting system for the rapid stabilisation of highly putrescible wastes.

    By Spartel based in Osborne Park, AUSTRALIA.

  • Hansa - Model C3e - Engine Powered Brush Chippers

    If you own a domestic property with trees, flowers or a vegetable garden, you will find the average small electric shredder on the market of similar size is not efficient for processing all your prunings and trimmings into compost or mulch. They cannot cope with the volume of materials to be processed. They are too slow, block up easily, the ...

    By Hansa Products Ltd, based in Northgate, NEW ZEALAND. from Chippers - Engine Powered Product line

  • Argyranthemum Polly

    Marguerite Daisy- Europes no 1 daisy. Ideal for pots or gardens Masses of white flowers with yellow centres cover the bush from late winter through spring. Prefers full sun in rich well composted soil.

    By Container Nurseries based in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Crysanthemum

    Opting to purchase quality Flora Plant products means you are opting for a supplier that produces the best plants and offers excellent information and advice via this web site not just a small plastic label. A reliable plant source that together with you lays the foundation for top product performance. Flora Plant has been producing Chrysanthemum ...

    By Flora Plant based in Oakfordq, AUSTRALIA.

  • Truyard - Model CT125 - Compost Tumbler

    Turn your garden waste, garbage or kitchen waste into food for your plants. It can turn materials which are nitrogen-rich such as: garden waste, kitchen scraps and high-carbon ingredients e.g. dried leaves, sawdust or shredded newspaper into a highly nutritious fertilizer. By making your own garden compost you can save money, improve soil quality ...

    By Yardeco based in Maddington, AUSTRALIA. from Truyard Compost Tumbler Product line

  • Model PCT/IT/2010/000220 - Pruning Picker Up-Shredder

    The Pruning Picker up-Shredder Comby permits to triturate and to gather the pruning residues until a diameter of 90 mm, once crumble the pruning residues are deposit in a wide capacity container, which through the pantograph rising takes the material cut up until a height of 2,60 m to download it in an easy and fast way.

    By FACMA s.r.l. Distributor in Minto, AUSTRALIA.

  • EnviroPro - Mobile Nature Head Toilet

    The ideal solution for Sheds and Mobile use. The Nature's Head© Self-contained Composting Toilet is a revolution in the Australian market. This high quality compact portable composting toilet beats anything in our market today, not only in quality, but in price. Our experience, from selling compost toilets over many years, makes us excited to ...

    By EnviroPro Alternatives Pty Ltd based in Emerald Beach, AUSTRALIA. from Eco Friendly Compost Toilets Product line

  • Forklift Compost Turner Machine

    A compost pile being of sufficient size should be turned by composting equipment to accelerate microbial decomposition and organic materials maturation. Forklift Compost Turner Machine can raise the compost pile reaching a height of 2-3m, there being good air circulation in the turning process which greatly improves the composting efficiency. If ...

    By Allance Compost Turner Machinery based in Zhengzhou, AUSTRALIA. from Compost Turner Manufacturer Product line

  • Tidy Planet - Model B1400 - Rocket Composter

    The B1400 Rocket in vessel composting system is our latest innovation, based on it’s larger counterpart the B2500 the B1400 is a twin shaft double “U” shaped hull configuration. An ideal solution for food wastes generated at mining camps, oil pipelines, large universities, islands and remote municipal ...

    By Tidy Planet Limited Distributor in Kilda, AUSTRALIA.

  • Gason - Spreaders

    Gason Spreaders will spread a large variety of materials from urea to chicken litter, and do it with great accuracy. Fewer moving parts reduce maintenance requirements to a minimum. Heavy duty construction and a baked enamel paint finish assure a long service life.

    By AF Gason Pty Ltd based in Ararat, AUSTRALIA. from Spreaders Product line

  • FINN - Model BB302 - Bark & Mulch Blower - 1.5 Cubic Yard Hopper Capacity

    The BB302 Bark Blower has proven to be the most popular Bark & Mulch Blower for the small to midsize landscape company needing durability and performance on every jobsite. The BB302 applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application. This unit ...

    By FINN Corporation Distributor in Dandendong South, AUSTRALIA. from Bark Blowers Product line

  • FINN - Model BB1222 - Bark & Mulch Blowers - 21.8 Cubic Yard Capacity

    The FINN BB1222 applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency, and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application. The BB1222, with 21.8 cubic yard capacity, provides high efficiency mulch application capabilities for landscape maintenance companies and mulch suppliers.

    By FINN Corporation Distributor in Dandendong South, AUSTRALIA. from Bark Blowers Product line

  • Finn - Model BB-200 - Bark Blowers

    The FINN BB200 is the first portable mulch blower than can be used as either a direct mount skid unit or with an optional trailer to deliver labor savings right to the jobsite. Toss your wheelbarrow to the curb.  The BB200 Bark Blower is the more productive and performance-enhancing alternative to achieving labor savings, material savings, and ...

    By Hydratorq Limited based in Hastings, NEW ZEALAND.

  • Norrish - Spreader

    also called as Manure Spreader, Lime Spreader, Gypsum Spreader, Fertilizer Spreader, Disc Spreader, Clay Spreader, Sand Spreader. A simple, strong concept, the Norrish Spreader’s monitor and simplistic hydraulic drive, gives the operator total control of the spreader’s out put, rates from 10 kgs/ha to 100 ton per/ha are possible, with ...

    By Norrish Services Group based in Bakers Hill, AUSTRALIA.

  • The Seymour - Model 1000 - Mini Spreader

    Spreads Super, Lime, Gypsum, All Organic Manure, Compost/Wood Waste Materials, Sand & Soils. Low Profile, Narrow Body & Wheel Track, Tandem Axle, Heavy Duty Spinners 450 dia, Anti Corrosive Nylon Floor (16mm), Aggressive Chain Floor for Manures & Compost, Lime or Gypsum, Simple Door Adjustment, Self Cleaning, Designed to suit all ...

    By Southern Cross Mowers Pty Ltd. based in Rutherford, AUSTRALIA. from Spreaders Product line

  • Model 2070W - Drum Mower

    2.07 metre cut (6' 9') cut twin drum 3 point linkage machine recommended for medium holdings and small tractors. A minimum of 45 HP is recommended to power the 2070.

    By Reese Group Ltd based in Palmerston North, NEW ZEALAND. from Reese UFO- Drum Mower Product line

  • Komptech - Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT) Plant

    In an MBT(mechanical-biological treatment)-plant mixed waste streams are treated by mechanical means such as shredding, screening and separation, as well as by biological processes. The goal is to stabilize the organic content and bring it into disposable condition, while preparing the remainder for thermal and material reclamation. The biological ...

    By Komptech GmbH Distributor in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Plants Product line

  • Komptech - Final Compost Treatment System

    In countries where separate organics collection is not yet in place or only partially so, the production of “quality compost” from municipal waste is the only way to meet the demand for compost. Even where organics are source-separated, trash can get put in the wrong bins, and improper prior treatment can result in contraries like ...

    By Komptech GmbH Distributor in Sydney, AUSTRALIA. from Plants Product line

  • OGM - Waste Compost Producer

    Global Renewables is the largest mixed waste compost producer in New South Wales with approximately 75,000 tonnes of OGM produced each year. OGM is Global Renewables’ industry leading compost product. It refers to a pasteurised, high organic matter product whose nutrients are derived from garden waste, foodwaste and other elements found in ...

  • Model 47SK Series - Sandy Loam-Clay

    Imants spading machines are particularly valued for their faultless, homogeneous spading, their excellent soil mixing action and their high capacity. “Reducing the cost price per hectare while maintaining the good characteristics of the original Imants spading machines” was the Imants goal. And this goal has been more than achieved.

    By Ag Machinery Specialists (AMS) based in Perth, AUSTRALIA. from Imants Spaders Product line

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