Composting Equipment in Italy

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    TenCate - Mushroom and Composting Nets and Covers

    The world’s population consumes an enormous amount of mushrooms each day. To meet this demand, highly efficient and hygienic production methods are required to deliver quality mushrooms on-time. Because of their proven performance and reliability, TenCate materials have become the mushroom and composting industry standard for pulling nets.

    By TenCate Geosynthetics Netherlands bv Office in Meda, ITALY. from Agricultural Solutions Product line

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    Panter - Model VTC 3000 - Vertical Axis Turning Machines

    Suitable for revolting compost accumulated on tabular rows. PANTER VTC 3000 Working width 2,5 m Windrow’s height 2,2 m.

    By Seko Industries Srl based in Curtarolo, ITALY. from Eco Line- Turning Machines Product line

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    Samurai - Model 5 GC/ME - Stationary Bio-Choppers Mixers

    Suitable to process pruning with Ø 8-10 cm, green and biological wastes and different products for composting process.

    By Seko Industries Srl based in Curtarolo, ITALY. from Eco Line - Bio-Choppers-Mixers Product line

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    Samurai - Model 5 G/T - Bio-Choppers Mixers

    Suitable to process pruning with Ø 2-4 cm, green and biological wastes and different products for composting process.

    By Seko Industries Srl based in Curtarolo, ITALY. from Eco Line - Bio-Choppers-Mixers Product line

  • Model MR - Mover Rectilinear Tunnel

    The most important characteristic of type MR is to be able to work at the same time on 1 or more rectilinear and parallel bio-tunnels. It is possible to translate the material from a tunnel to another by a carriage transfer. Possibility to work on continuous or alternating cycle. The operator’s presence is necessary during load and unload of ...

    By SCOLARI Srl based in Paderno Franciacorta, ITALY. from Composting Plants Product line

  • KRAUSE - Model AFH and TAF Series - 3-Point Hitch Compost Turner

    The AFH and TAF series is mounted on a single axle chassis, where the tunnel is hydraulically lifted into transport position. A manually adjustable outer support wheel is standard. This profesional equipment features a robust tubular chassis, heavy duty hydraulic cylinders and gears, concrete counter weight, tailgate and rubber skirts. Al machine ...

    By ZAGO S.r.l. based in Campo S., ITALY. from KRAUSE Product line

  • KRAUSE - Model HS Serie 3000 - 4000 - Self-Propelled Turners

    KRAUSE project was born from the fusion of Austrian’s supreme excellence in quality and Zago’s technical experience. KRAUSE is specialized in trailed and self-propelled compost turners and offers a brand new range of products which perfectly matches with the solutions for the natural environment conceived by Zago Green Division. The ...

    By ZAGO S.r.l. based in Campo S., ITALY. from KRAUSE Product line

  • RotoBag - Silage and Compost Bag

    RotoBag silage and compost bag suitable to be used with any bagging machine. Available in different sizes, diameters and tickness. RotoBag are silage bags with one of the best price / performance. These bags are availables in different size, lenghts, tickness, specifications, colours and Uv.

    By Apiesse S.r.l. based in Pizzighettone (CR), ITALY. from Bags for Silage and Compost Product line

  • Green Bagging Machines

    Greenbagger is one of the latest state of art bagging machines for compost and other types of nasty, rusting and heavy duty purposes.It’s basic concept of a linear pressing bagger, made this machine strong like a rock and versatile for many, many bagging purposes.Feedable by side or by front (by a telescopic loader) made this machine ...

    By Apiesse S.r.l. based in Pizzighettone (CR), ITALY. from Composting Machines Product line

  • Model SCU-N - Compost Spreader

    Professional range of compost spreaders PATENTED; strong and compact machine. The particular form of the hopper and the slow turning agitator allow an easy flow of fertilizer with a specific humidity up to 38%. It is suitable for the distribution of humid fertilizer such as compost, humus, concentrated manure, organic waste from biogas plant, etc. ...

    By Dal Cero Metalworking S.n.c based in RoncĂ  (VR), ITALY. from Fertilizer Spreader Product line

  • BIODRENING - Bio-Filters with Drening

    The Bio-Filters are used downstrem of the industrial, chemical, agricultural and composting systems. Their function is to remove the harmful substances and the smells that are released in the air during these processes.

    By Geoplast US Corp. Office in Grantorto, ITALY. from Environment Product line

  • Model RX300 - RX150 - Vine Running Windrowers

    Machine suitably designed for carrying out operations of after vintage. The Vine running windrowers offers the possibility of picking up runners and pruning waste in only one passage conveying them into the centre of the row. Available in two models, Rx150 with one windrower head or RX300 with two windrower heads, with hydraulic or electric ...

    By FAMA - Fabbrica Macchine based in Sailetto di Suzzara (Mantova), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

  • RotoCom - Compost Rotating Bagging Machine

    RotoCom Compost rotating bagging machine to bag organic material in a compost bag for a decomposition inside the vessel (bag) in a ventilated bag through air inflated pipelines that decompose the organic material inside the bag. Feedable by loader.

    By Apiesse S.r.l. based in Pizzighettone (CR), ITALY. from Composting Machines Product line

  • Sartori Ambiente - Model Stelo 10 - Compost Bins

    Stelo 10 vented kitchen caddy has been created to simplify the segregation and collection of food waste, optimising aerated conditions to reduce moisture and unpleasant smells.

    By Sartori Ambiente S.R.L based in ARCO, ITALY. from Home Composting Equipment Product line

  • Mosa - Soil Plant Substrate Mixers

    Semi-automatic unit to make any mixture of peat with various types of compost, fertilizer, polystyrene, perlites, pumice, expanded clay etc. to obtain a soft and homogeneous growing substrate. It includes a lid with safety switch, a 170 cm conveyor belt, sensor system with automatic start/stop, watering pipe with solenoid valve and timer.

    By Mosa Green S.r.l. based in Chions (PN), ITALY. from Preparation of Substrates Product line

  • Composting and Refining Plants

    I.T.R.'s composting and refining plants transform the organic matter into compost and select it to remove the various impurities. I.T.R. 's composting plants transform the organic matter into compost through mixing operations with vegetal material and a  bioxidation in rooms provided of exhausted air extraction systems that is ...

    By I.T.R. based in Spresiano - Treviso, ITALY.

  • ECOMPOST - Community Composter Line

    ECOMPOST is a community composter line that is among industrial and domestic plants. They are plants used to hasten natural composting process which organic waste is subordinated. These plants are usable to serve from few tens to hundreds of domestic users; they can meet the disposal needs of a canteen, hotels or other organic waste producers ...

    By Montalbano Recycling Srl based in Carini, ITALY.

  • Ecopans - Composting System

    Ecopans is a revolutionary composting system , key in hand, which inclued one or more composting machines and all the needed technical support! By terms of law you well be able to dispose all your organic waste, respecting the enviroment and obtaining a valid compost that can be mixed into the soil or growing medium to boost the level of organic ...

    By Claudio Pansa - Costruzioni in ferro based in Gardone Riviera, ITALY.

  • Q-Ring - MSW Biostabilisation System

    The Q-Ring system for MSW biostabilisation and for the phase of compost curing in cumulus. The process works on open air, on insufflated plateau and with covering sheets. Entsorga has applied its own experience in composting to set up a management system for the maturation phase of composting, which is undertaken in static piles of approximately ...

    By Entsorga Italia Spa based in Tortona, ITALY.

  • ambiComunity - Advanced Composting Plant

    The advanced composting plant, able to treat up to 80 tons per year of organic waste, as the Italian bill, n. 2093 prescribes. AmbiComunity is a technology created, developed and patented by Ambientalia S.r.l., for the biomass’ bioxidation and the accelerated maturation of compost. This process has been planned for the communities, small ...

    By Ambientalia S.r.l based in Toscanella di Dozza, ITALY.

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