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  • Organic Manure Fermentation Composting Frequently Asked Questions

    Organic Manure Fermentation Composting Frequently Asked Questions

    The organic fertilizer production line is to ferment organic waste such as animal manure, crop stalks, rice husks and mushroom residues into organic fertilizer. During the compost fermentation process, there are some common problems that can affect fertilizer fermentation.Problems: Slow tem


  • Don’t let summer go to “waste”

    Don’t let summer go to “waste”

    School will soon be out and summer is a great time for families to reduce waste in fun and new ways!First, remember to keep practicing the basics—reduce, reuse, and recycle. Find new ways to reduce your waste—eat more fruits and ...

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  • Bioclean Compost

    Bioclean Compost

    Composting has been defined as "the product of natural degradation of botanical and putrescible waste by the action of bacteria, fungi and other organisms in the presence of an adequate air supply"(Warmer, 1997). Although this is true the word compost is also often used for the decomposition process that is anaerobic. It is degradation without air and therefore is not actually composting and is ...