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  • Black Worm Castings/VermaPlex Can Replace Harmful Chemical Fertilizers

    Whether you have a farm or home garden, the health of the soil directly correlates to the quality of the fruit and vegetables. The healthy soil movement is centered around bringing attention to the fact that fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are killing our soil and seeping into our food supply. Our soil is depleted of essential nutrients, fungi and bacteria due to decades of agricultural ...

    By Vermitechnology Unlimited

  • Coral calcium & worm castings, reduce blossom end rot disease

    A destructive disease affecting many gardens and farms this year is blossom end rot. Causing great concern for vegetables such as squash, watermelon, eggplant, peppers, and tomato. This disease affects gardens year after year. By the time gardeners notice black spots on their fruit or vegetables the situation is severe. To prevent further damage, immediate action is required. What is Blossom End ...

    By Vermitechnology Unlimited

  • Quality Organic Fertilizers & Soil Amendments at an Affordable Price

    Our health starts with our soil. If the soil in our farms and gardens is depleted of life because of chemical and fertilization, the food will be sterile and not healthy. They key to a healthy body, soul, and mind is organically grown food that is full of life. “When the things we put into our bodies are healthy, our bodies are able to utilize the nutrients with very little energy. This ...

    By Vermitechnology Unlimited

  • Whitefly, Disease, Drought, Unhealthy Soil, Solution Black Worm Castings!

    Spring is just around the corner, that meant it time to plant crops and start working in the garden. Unfortunately, there are several factors that can undermine all your hard work, drought, disease, unhealthy soil, and the Whitefly. Whiteflies are especially dangerous for plants. They carry many diseases and leave bend a Sooty Mold that can shut down photosynthesis and can ultimately ...

    By Vermitechnology Unlimited

  • Restore Life to Your Soil With Vermaplex/Black Worm Castings

    Farmers and gardeners alike are looking for ways to improve the health of their soil and ability to store water for drought relief. The United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service released its “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil” campaign, ...

    By Vermitechnology Unlimited

  • Benefits of Black Worm Castings, VermaPlex, and Organic Fertilizers

    Over the last couple of years, organic fertilizers such as Black Worm Castings, VermaPlex Specialty Fertilizer, Black Sea Kelp, Coral Calcium, Hydrolyzed Fish, and Liquid Humate Plus, have become increasingly popular. As gardeners and farmers realize the amazing benefits of these amendments, many ...

    By Vermitechnology Unlimited

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