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  • Can genetic engineering help quench crops’ thirst?

    Can genetic engineering help quench crops’ thirst?

    Researchers around the world are exploring how GMO technology might boost food production under hot, dry conditions.Roger Deal is trying to figure out how plants remember drought.An assistant professor of biochemistry and genetics at Emory University, Deal says most plants have a kind of memory for stress. When experiencing water shortage, for example, plants close t

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  • Chlorophyll Content Meter

    Chlorophyll Content Meter

    The CCM-300 is a unique fluorometer that is tuned for the measurement of chlorophyll content in samples that have traditionally been difficult to analyse non-destructively. This compact, hand-held instrument measures the ratio between the chlorophyll fluorescence at 735nm and 700-710nm. This ratio is linearly proportional to chlorophyll concentrations as high as 675mg m-2, with a ...