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  • Can genetic engineering help quench crops’ thirst?

    Can genetic engineering help quench crops’ thirst?

    Researchers around the world are exploring how GMO technology might boost food production under hot, dry conditions. Roger Deal is trying to figure out how plants remember drought. An assistant professor of biochemistry and genetics at Emory University, Deal says most plants have a kind of memory for stress. When experiencing water shortage, for example, plants close ...

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  • Agave Titanota

    Agave Titanota

    Garden care: Plant in a full sun well drained situation in the garden such as a north facing garden. Ideal for planting on slopes, sandy or stoney soil, or areas where watering is difficult.  Compost can also be added to improve aeration and drainage. Avoid the use of animal manures. As Agaves require good drainage the use of raised beds can be used these can be constructed using rocks or ...