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  • In-Line Grain Samplers
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    In-Line Grain Samplers

    By Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG)

    MOUSTICK is simple, unobtrusive, and functional. MOUSTICK fits anywhere in your grain handling installation, on flat surfaces as on curved walls (tubes). MOUSTICK comes in gravity chute mode or with vacuum intake. ...

  • Analyzer
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    By CHOPIN Technologies - a KPM Analytics company

    Unique solution to analyze in one single test the dough proofing properties.

  • NIRS Feed Analyser
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    NIRS Feed Analyser

    By FOSS

    The FOSS NIRS DA1650 feed analyser - when you’re ready to save, it’s ready for you. The NIRS DA1650 feed analyser is a robust high-performance routine analyser that is ready-to-run for a variety of feed ...

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  • D.V. s.r.l.

    D.V. s.r.l.

    DV is an Italian company operating since 1982 in the field of water-purification plants, belt and spiral transporters and sampling machines for grain ...

  • Pfeuffer GmbH

    Pfeuffer GmbH

    Pfeuffer is a manufacturer of quality control products related to the grain processing industries. Our core business are laboratory equipment for all ...

  • Gescaser, S.A.

    Gescaser, S.A.

    Gescaser, S.A. is born in 1973 from the need to preserve the grain during its storage stage, providing a detailed and continued information of the ...

  • Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG)

    Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG)

    The company TPLG was founded in 1959 when French agriculture, after the US, was undergoing far-reaching technological changes. Indeed, the ...

  • CHOPIN Technologies - a KPM Analytics company

    CHOPIN Technologies - a KPM Analytics company

    CHOPIN Technologies, KPM Analytics subsidiary, is specialized in methods and equipment for the quality control of cereals, flours, and their ...