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  • Cereals and Coffee Storage Dessicants
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    Cereals and Coffee Storage Dessicants

    By Bioconservacion SA

    Products such as cereals and coffee among others, are extremely sensitive to humidity. As a result humidity must be controlled to guarantee the quality of such products during transportation and/or storage.

  • Corrugated Steel Sheet Flat Bottom Silo
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    Corrugated Steel Sheet Flat Bottom Silo

    By Silos Metálicos Zaragoza S.L.U

    SIMEZA corrugated steel sheet Flat Bottom Silos are designed for agricultural, industrial, commercial and strategic applications such as big farms, inland storage facilities, grain terminals, industrial plants fed with ...

  • Cold and Freezer Rooms
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    Cold and Freezer Rooms

    By Celtic Cooling

    A customised installation not only requires technical knowledge and experience, but also a personal approach and knowledge of your product. Fish, meat, bakery produce, vegetables, fruit, flowers, bulbs or other delicate ...

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  • Gruppo Manara

    Gruppo Manara

    Since always, Manara Group has highly regarded the needs and requests of its customers. First of all, it has enhanced research in order to innovate ...

  • Tecnograin Carlini Srl

    Tecnograin Carlini Srl

    Since 1987 Tecnograin Carlini Srl has studied, designed and developed every kind of structure and system for storage, handling, drying and cooling ...

  • FAO SN

    FAO SN

    FAO, created since 170 years, manufactures and installs storage, handling and food manufacture equipments for grains, cereals, rice, paddy, coffee, ...

  • Euro Bagging

    Euro Bagging

    Eurobagging is a leading producer of high quality storage and processing technologies for forage, cereals, by-products and composting. Modern ...

  • Agricultural Supply Services

    Agricultural Supply Services

    We supply a wide range of products for farmers and agricultural industries. Many of these are also relevant to the better management of other ...