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  • Spot Remover Spray - 12 Cans/Case
    Showcase Product

    Spot Remover Spray - 12 Cans/Case

    By Interstate Products Inc

    Unique inverted spray solvent spotter that removes water and oil-based spots and stains from carpet and upholstery. Eliminates the need for rubbing and scrubbing. Leaves no visible residue. Will not harm carpet backing ...

  • Premium Water Distiller
    Showcase Product

    Premium Water Distiller

    By Pure & Secure, LLC.

    The DP360 Premium Water Distiller is perfect for smaller dental offices. Just plug the DP360 in and it’s ready to go. The DP360 is as easy to operate as a coffee maker.

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    Changing Forests

    Drawing on ethnographic and archival research, “Changing Forests” explores how the indigenous Lenca community of La Campa, Honduras, has conserved ...

  • Tropical Plant Biology

    Tropical Plant Biology

    Tropical plants are not only those widely recognized crops that are limited to production in the tropics, such as bananas, coffee, oil palm, rubber, ...