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  • Commercial Grade UAV System
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    Commercial Grade UAV System

    By Crop Copter

    For many, the hunt for a commercial grade UAV that can fly for over 40 minutes, carry a sensor, fly autonomously and be built durable enough for everyday agriculture use is taxing.  Does such a UAV exist and if it ...

  • Bloom Up (Anti-Transpirant)
    Showcase Product

    Bloom Up (Anti-Transpirant)

    By Indogulf BioAg

    BLOOM UP is a new-generation, reflective form of anti-transpirant cum anti-stress product. It is based on long chain fatty alcohol derived from non-edible vegetable oil. It Imparts drought tolerance to crops by ...

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  • Crops and Man, Second Edition

    Jack R. Harlan conceived the prevailing concepts of how the activities of human societies have shaped the evolution of crops used for food, feed, and ...

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    The growing global population poses the challenge to the scientific community of doubling or tripling the food, feed and fiber production by the year ...

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    Technical Crops

    Genome Mapping and Molecular Breeding in Plants presents the current status of the elucidation and improvement of plant genomes of economic interest. ...

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    Transgenic Crops VI

    Genetic engineering is a powerful tool for crop improvement. The status of crop biotechnology before 2001 was reviewed in Transgenic Crops I-III, but ...

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    Agroforestry for Commodity Production: Ecological and Social Dimensions

    Agroforestry systems have been touted as sustainable production systems that alleviate many of the environmental problems associated with modern ...