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  • Erosion Control Nets
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    Erosion Control Nets

    By Full Service Srl

    Fiber content: 100% agaves fibers, non chemically treated. Durability: appr. 24-48 months. Weight: 700 g/sqm. Size: 2x50. Packing: rolls.

  • Natural Powder
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    Natural Powder

    By Full Service Srl

    FullTack is a 100% natural powder which increases the binding power of the mulch and, together with it, they form a reticulum, web-like, of cross fibres which, together with fertilizer, soil and seed, ...

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    GAMPRE is a family business, based in LIthuania, established in 2010 and providing a high quality products to the end users. Our main brands are ...

  • Terawet Green Technologies, Inc. (TGT)

    Terawet Green Technologies, Inc. (TGT)

    TGTĀ“s mission is to provide eco-friendly products and systems that affect the world in a positive and beneficial way in the areas of soil and water, ...