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  • Basic Information of RFID Tags

    Basic Information of RFID Tags

    History of RFID tagsIn 1937, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) developed the identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) system to distinguish allied aircraft from enemy aircraft. This technology later became the basis of modern air traffic control in the 1950s. And it is the germination of the early RFID technology, which has priority use in military, laboratory and so on. In the late 1


  • Resource Management During The Growing Season

    It’s not quite accurate to say that resource management is a balancing act. Why? Because our goal at Sentera is to tip the scales decidedly in your favor. The analysis you can do with data generated by our systems can help you make more ...

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  • Specialized Agro-Soil Additive

    Specialized Agro-Soil Additive

    - Provides optimized economic management of water andfertilizer nutrients and an improvement in soil quality- Ensures constant soil moisture, increases porosity andsignificantly diminishes nitrogen leaching into the soil