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  • Boost grain preservation before production

    Boost grain preservation before production

    Better grain storage would save money and feed over a billion, says Digvir S. Jayas. It deserves more attention.Annually over 2.6 billion tonnes of grains — cereals, oilseeds and pulses — are grown and then stored along the chain from producers to consumers. Most countries do not systematically report how much grain becomes unfit for human consumption during storage, but anecd


  • Winter Wheat Harvest Woes

    Winter Wheat Harvest Woes

    Wheat harvest season is well underway for many U.S. wheat growers. Some of the first soft-red wheat harvested by U.S. farmers in 2015 is the worst in at least 17 years, according to Bloomberg and other sources.This year’s heavy ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Grain Moisture Monitoring Weather Station

    Grain Moisture Monitoring Weather Station

    The weather station provides fast, reliable information about the ambient temperature and air moisture conditions used for efficient aeration control. This information is integrated with the complex Automatic Aeration Control software that turns aeration fans on or off to optimize the moisture content of grain. Weather conditions such as rain starting or stopping, near freezing temperatures, ...