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grain aerator (Grain Aeration) equipment

  • Crocus - Grain Aerator

    The Crocus grain aerator is designed to reduce humidity in stored cereals. The grain aerator consists of a 1.9 m. long perforated spear equipped with a handle that makes it easy to operate. Air is supplied by a 1,1 kW motor. The ventilator is mounted directly onto the aeration spear. The grain aerator is screwed down into the product to be aired, ...

    By Crocus based in Assentoft, DENMARK.

  • Grain Aeration Fans

    Aeration fans are constructed on demand to the required demands of pressure and airflow managing moisture and cooling without losses. Difficult grains such as Canola, Maize Chick Peas, Faba Beans are our speciality with all work guaranteed diesel or electric.

    By Grainair Australia based in Warners Bay, AUSTRALIA.

  • Smallaire - Grain Aeration Systems

    The principal is the same as in an evaporative air conditioner, but in this situation, the grain is the wet filter.

    By Smallaire P/L based in Horsham, AUSTRALIA. from Agriculture Product line

  • Astwell Augers - Grain Conditioning Aeration Probe

    Grain Conditioning Aeration Probe complete with single phase motor (Rape proof version also available). Individual components available: tube, fan, motor, handle etc. Immediate relief for ‘hot spots’. Dimensions: 100mm (4') wide and 2100 (84') tall including 900mm (36') of perforated section and sharp steel point. Manufactured from ...

    By Astwell Augers Ltd based in Northants, UNITED KINGDOM. from Aeration Product line

  • Grain Silo Aeration System

    The aeration system is used to control/lower the temperature in the silo, if the temperature monitoring system indicates that the temperature is increasing. Cooling and aeration of the raw materials is done by blowing or aspirating air through a channel system in the bottom of storage silo or the on-floor bulk storage by means of a fan.

    By SKIOLD A/S based in Sæby, DENMARK. from Feed Milling - Fed Production Equipment- Storage Systems Product line

  • Smallaire - Grain Dryer and Aerator

    This Smallaire system is designed to install into existing Sheds and Silos - Elevated & Flat Bottomed.

    By Smallaire P/L based in Horsham, AUSTRALIA. from Agriculture Product line

  • Sioux - Model 3500 RPM - High-Speed Centrifugal Fans

    These fans use an inventive design to increase airflow which boosts fan performance, as well as saves time and money. The specialized design of high-speed centrifugal fans make them ideal for small grain aeration, deep grain depths, in situations with high static pressure, tall tanks and in small tanks with high resistance to airflow.

    By Sioux Steel Company based in Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA). from Commercial Farm Bins - Commercial Fans Product line

  • Extraction Fans

    Belt driven extraction fans. 800mm diameter to 1750mm diameter. Automatic shutter louvre. Speed controller available.

    By BDC Systems Limited based in Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Grain Aeration Product line

  • Bin - Model Type WPS-40 - Ventilator

    Ventilator type WPS-40 is advised to provide grain aeration because of its high compression (Max. 4000 Pa). Main parts of fan type WPS-40 like rotor, body, base of  driving section made of carbonated steel with regular quality. Fan is driven by induction motor with frame shaped rotor. 3 phases of electricity power needed. Anticorrosive ...

    By BIN Ltd. based in Aleksandrów Kujawski, POLAND. from Equipment for Silos Product line

  • Perforated Floors

    Privé SA has invented the venticones® in 1985. They allow an optimum aeration of the grain and facilitate the emptying of the residual cone. They can be adapted to every Privé silo, even old models, up to 10,66m diameter. They are an efficient alternative to the venticones. The allow a perfect aeration of the grain on the whole ...


  • Grain Guard - Retro Rocket System

    Introducing the revolutionary Retro Rocket, the only do-it-yourself rocket system that allows you to retrofit existing hopper bottom and smooth-walled bins with farm proven Grain Guard aeration.

    By Grain Guard - Ag Growth International Inc. based in Nobleford, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Aeration Systems Product line

  • Retro Rocket - Hopper Bottom Bins

    Introducing the revolutionary Retro Rocket, the only do-it-yourself rocket system that allows you to retrofit existing hopper bottom and smooth-walled bins with farm proven Grain Guard aeration.

    By Twister - Ag Growth International Inc. based in Winnipeg, MANITOBA (CANADA). from Aeration & Conditioning Equipment Product line

  • Hoppers and Silos with Inside Cones

    The hoppers have a 45° conical bottom to allow a total emptying by gravity. The support legs and frame are galvanized (Z450 or hot-dip galvanized). The silos with inside cones 45° are an economical alternative to the hoppers, the support frame is simplified because the loads are supported by the outside stiffeners. There is also the ...


  • Low Temperature Propane/Natural Gas Heaters

    Low temperature heaters allows 24 hour grain drying when cool, damp conditions prevail. The heater is easily installed between the fan and bin. Designed to fit Grain Guard brand aeration fans.

    By Grain Guard - Ag Growth International Inc. based in Nobleford, ALBERTA (CANADA). from Heaters Product line

  • Ventigaines and Ventilames

    They are used for the aeration of the grain inside round silos or inside storage buildings. The ventigaines can be moved when the building is empty so the surface can be used for any other purpose. The ventilames must be placed on channels in the foundations. The ventilames “CAMION” (“TRUCK”) are made of a thicker steel and ...


  • SØBY - Model HLSG - Centrifugal Fans

    SØBY HLSG centrifugal fan is one of the market’s most efficient fans for drying and aerating grain and  miscellaneous seed crops. The fan is available in many different versions, ranging from 3 kW up to 37 kW.

    By SØBY based in Højslev, DENMARK. from Blowers Product line

  • iGrain - Weather Station

    This is the unique outdoor weather station that provides the necessary information about the temperature and relative humidity in the air. This information is vital for decisions regarding aeration of the grain wether those decisions are carried out manually or with an automatic aeration system.

    By Eye-Grain Aps based in Herlev, DENMARK. from iGrain Stored Grain Management Products Product line

  • Grain Store Stirrer and Agitator

    The Grain Store Agitator is a light, mobile, hand-operated stirrer machine for mixing and aerating grain and seed crops in flour stores.

    By Agricultural Supply Services based in Gloucestershire, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • W. B. Young - Grand Handling & Storage

    W. B. Young Company, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of grain handling and storage equipment. We handle a wide variety of equipment including grain bins, augers, bucket elevators, conveyors, temperature monitors, grain cleaners, aeration equipment, and tube feeding systems. In addition we are a stocking distributor for drying systems, feed ...

    By W. B. Young Company, Inc. based in Marshall, MISSOURI (USA).

  • CMC - Helfer Duct System

    The Helfer Duct System is used to aerate grain at 1/10th of a cfm per bushel, cooling it down and preventing overheating or spoilage. These systems are also used to keep the grain in condition and maintain its quality until it can be properly dried or cured. All duct systems have inner structural strength to withstand grain pressure and are easily ...

    By Custom Marketing Company (CMC) based in West Fargo, NORTH DAKOTA (USA). from Aeration Product line

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