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  • Boost grain preservation before production

    Boost grain preservation before production

    Better grain storage would save money and feed over a billion, says Digvir S. Jayas. It deserves more attention. Annually over 2.6 billion tonnes of grains — cereals, oilseeds and pulses — are grown and then stored along the chain from producers to consumers. Most countries do not systematically report how much grain becomes unfit for human consumption during storage, but ...

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  • Grain Cooler Unit

    Grain Cooler Unit

    This unit has been specifically designed for the cooling of the grain during the storage phase, to prevent the product from being damaged due to fermentation. The special evaporating section of this Unit is composed by: Evaporating coil, condenser filter with differential pressure, transmitter, drop separator, heating battery, heating resistance, centrifugal fan with plenum with inverter, air ...