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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Assessing the fate and effects of an insecticidal formulation

    A three‚Äźyear study was conducted on a corn field in Central Illinois, USA, to understand the fate and effects of an insecticidal formulation containing the active ingredients phostebupirim and cyfluthrin. The objectives of the current study were to 1) determine the best tillage practice (conventional versus conservation tillage) in terms of grain yields and potential environmental risk, 2) assess ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • De-Awner Machine

    De-Awner Machine

    De-Awner machine designed to debeard barley and wheat. Specially, De-awner is used for pre-treatment of various grain types; the purpose of the de-awning operation is to remove awns from barley kernels, loose husks from wheat, and to clip oat kernels.  İt has adjustable processing intensity according to product type. Customer-specific solutions are our concern.