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  • 6ft Slasher
    Showcase Product

    6ft Slasher

    By Cashels Engineering Limited

    The Cashels 6ft Slasher has been developed to cater for the cutting of grassland, built with rugged and rough terrain in mind, especially where heavy undergrowth and rushes are an issue. The slasher consists of a heavy ...

  • Grassland Aerator
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    Grassland Aerator

    By Evers Agro B.V.

    Compaction in the top layer of grassland occurs more and more often. This is caused by rainfall, livestock damage and traffic with heavy machines. The Evers Grassland Aerator is a machine which can relieve the surface ...

  • Grassland Injector
    Showcase Product

    Grassland Injector


    Grassland injectors are equiped with 410 Ø disks mounted on an individual support with articulation providing for following ground variations and guarantying correct injection of fertilizing materials. Two models ...

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  • Mason & Morse Ranch Company

    Founded in 1998 in Colorado, Mason & Morse Ranch Company, specializes in the sale of working ranches, pastureland, grassland, luxury mountain ...