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  • Multi-Hybrid Planter
    Showcase Product

    Multi-Hybrid Planter

    By Precision Planting, Inc.

    No more missed yield potential. Multi-hybrid planting is here. You aim to maximize yield by planting the hybrid that will do the best, on average, across the whole field. But yield environments often change in the same ...

  • Portable Data Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Portable Data Harvester

    By Dynamic Technologies (DTCC)

    he Portable Data Harvester (PDH) is a portable option for programming and offloading IGU-16s. Each PDH has 16 slots. The average downloading speed of each slot is around 20 MB/s.

  • Recording System
    Showcase Product

    Recording System

    By Mitcham Industries, Inc.

    The Hawk SN11 recording system is based on a wireless platform without radio infrastructure. It operates autonomously and is ideal for swift operations where visibility into the operation is not necessary. Hawk offers ...