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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Are you ready for the Artificial Intelligence in Ag?

    “Precision agriculture and robotic systems will allow farms to be more profitable, efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly. As precision agriculture (PA) becomes bigger and farms become more connected in the coming years, efficiency and productivity will increase consequently.”Are you ready for the Artificial Intelligence in Ag? Artificial Intelligence “AI” means the ...

  • From One Ag Leader to Another: Harvest

    Think about this: as a farmer, you only get one shot at harvesting your crop each year. Now think about how many things have changed in the past 10 or 20 years: bigger, faster and more accurate ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Raspberry and Blueberry Harvester

    Raspberry and Blueberry Harvester

    KAREN is the newest solutions of raspberry and blueberry harvester. It guarantees effective picking and very high quality of harvested fruits with minimum operating actions and constant working parameters.  Innovative covers and the sealing system minimizes fruits losses and increase efficiency of cleaning unit. The technological solutions found in KAREN allow to work on plantations in all ...