Harvesting Headers

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Proso millet yield and residue mass following direct harvest with a stripper-header

    Proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) (PM) is an important crop for dryland rotations in the central Great Plains. The crop is traditionally swathed before combining to promote uniform drying of the panicle and to minimize seed shattering losses. Direct harvesting of PM with a stripper-header would eliminate the swathing operation resulting in cost savings, and increased standing crop residues to ...


  • Proper Use of Rice/Wheat Combine Harvester

    Rice combine harvester is used for the harvesting of rice or wheat. A combine rice harvester can finish the whole processes of rice or wheat harvesting from harvesting, threshing and grain cleaning. Using the machine properly can not only improves ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Folding Corn harvesting Header

    Folding Corn harvesting Header

    LH3 Folding Corn Harvesting Header represents an efficient and reliable FANTINI product. It is a robust head that can easily fit any kind of combine and/or corn shredder. Mounted in a rear central position, it is directly connected to the harvesting drive gear box to form a solid and durable unit.FANTINI LH3 Folding Corn Harvesting Header assure optimal crop flow and maximum yield potential.