Harvesting Headers

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  • Header Mounts
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    Header Mounts

    By Advanced Wind-Reel Systems (AWS) - Temp Farm Equipment Ltd.

    AWS header mount fan kits feature our simple universal belt drive fan. Belts provide a simple efficient way of transferring power compared to a gear box.

  • Rigid Harvesting Header
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    Rigid Harvesting Header

    By Fantini S.r.l.

    The PickUp (Swath Harvesting Header) can be supplied with either a mechanic or a hydraulic transmission, and can be mounted on all combine makes and models. The feeding auger is featured with full length adjustable ...

  • Header Drapers
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    Header Drapers

    By WCCO Belting, Inc.

    WCCO Belting, Inc. is the largest supplier of OEM harvest header drapers in the world. Since the harvest header market has been transitioning from traditional auger headers to more modern belted headers, it is estimated ...

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