Harvesting Headers

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  • Header System
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    Header System

    By BrimaPack BV

    The Atlantis harvesting header system is the packing solution based on conventional / traditional harvesting systems, and can easily be used on fields with different planting concepts. The cutters can be assigned freely ...

  • Harvest Header
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    Harvest Header

    By Tecnomais Srl

    The Pick-Up is available in three models and operates with all combines makes and models. The feeding auger is supplied with adjustable retractile fingers on all its length. Feeding auger has a large diameter auger ...

  • Rigid Sunflower Harvesting Header
    Showcase Product

    Rigid Sunflower Harvesting Header

    By Fantini S.r.l.

    The Sunflower Header G03 has been designed to minimize seed loss mantaining the speed through harvest. The specially designed G03 row unit covers and the central feeding auger retain the seeds, maximize the crop flow ...

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