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  • How to Improve Field Data Accuracy for Better Farming Decisions

    From the first day of flight school, pilots are instructed on the importance of checking every instrument before take-off. Even if they have multiple flights in a day, they still go through the same long checklist — every, single, time. Why? Because while in-flight, they need to trust what their equipment is telling them. In other words, they need all the data collected and delivered to the ...

  • Row Guidance Solution for InCommand?

    A row feeler solution that works with the Ag Leader display in your combine?  No, you’re not dreaming. It’s all possible with Headsight’s row guidance products. The system has ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Wheat Combine Harvester

    Wheat Combine Harvester

    4LZ-4B Wheat Combine Harvester, equip with 90/110hp engine, featuring strong power, widened conveying axle and widened vibrating screen contribute to less loss of wheat and more cleanness of grain tank.