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  • Root vegetables harvest and farm development

    Root vegetables harvest and farm development

    Root vegetables season The autumn start is the time when vegetable producers have a lot of work. A collection of vegetables begins. Tension and nerves are often associated with it. All because the priority for farmers is to collect crops for which they worked hard all year round. It is important to make a good choice and select the machines suitable to your needs and four farm ...


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  • Root Vegetable Harvester

    Root Vegetable Harvester

    Root vegetables harvester ALINA SUPERNOVA is suitable for larger vegetable cultivation areas with high crop. Trailed, top lifting harvester is compatible with tractors having minimum 80 HP and with various kinds of trailers. ALINA SUPERNOVA is ideal for every root vegetables production field. Modern and functional technical solutions guarantee effective picking and high quality of crop. Harvester ...