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  • Advantages of the round bale silage system

    Advantages of the round bale silage system

    The round bale silage system, sometimes referred to as 'balage', has a number of advantages over hay and conventional silage systems: Substantially reduces the risk of weather damage to the forage compared with a hay system. Provides flexibility ...

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  • Silo Hopper

    Silo Hopper

    PolyDome has the silo accessories you need to make feeding times faster and your chores easier. The PolyDome Swivel Hopper, Silo Hopper, Clean Chute and Chute Liner work in combination to deliver high-moisture silage to your feeding area where you need it, when you need it, without the hassles of plugging and clogging. Plus, they keep your silo chute clean and accessible. The PolyDome Swivel ...