Hydroponic Vegetables

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  • 315W CMH Grow Light Fixture

    315W CMH Grow Light Fixture

    Overview of 315W CMH Grow Light FixtureSpecially designed for CMH 315W lampRuns on 120V/240VHigh efficiency electronic ballastHigh output and improved spectrumWarranty: 3 yearsUL & ETL Certified The Details of 315W CMH Grow LightImported German aluminu

  • Growbags (Coco slabs)

    Growbags (Coco slabs)

    Keeping up with the latest grow techniques and products are probably becoming increasingly important for an ardent farmer or gardener in today’s rapidly changing world. Cultivating fast growing ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Hydroponic Gutter 30cmx25cmx20cm

    Hydroponic Gutter 30cmx25cmx20cm

    How to Grow? Hydroponics is a clean and efficient way to grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers using water and non-soil growing mediums. The water is mixed with food grade nutrient solutions, where it`s concentration and pH levels are adjusted based on needs of different plants. Water is favored because plants are able to efficiently uptake its food, as opposed to soil where the roots must search ...