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  • Air Pumps
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    Air Pumps

    By Blue Diamond Pumps Inc.

    The SSH 30/ACO 9810 ensures contamination-free pumping through its oil-free design. With a high output, the SSH 30/ACO 9810 is ideal for running several processes in both hydroponic systems and large ponds.

  • Hydroponic Growing Systems
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    Hydroponic Growing Systems

    By J.Huete

    Hydroponic growing systems that allow the control and recirculation of drainage and irrigation. They help to prevent diseases, eliminate leachates and improve the quality and quantity of production. Perfect production ...

  • Scrub Brush
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    Scrub Brush

    By FarmTek - a Division of Engineering Services & Products Company (ESAPCO)

    For use with our FodderPro 3.0 Feed Modules. Helps reach to the back of the systems to make cleaning easier. 51"L aluminum handle.

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  • Fodder Solutions

    Fodder Solutions

    Fodder Solutions began in 2000 when a Toowoomba farmer, Flavio Raccanello was at his wit’s end. With another cold winter moving in, the rain had ...

  • Terra Tech Corp.

    Terra Tech Corp.

    Terra Tech Corp is a vertically integrated cannabis-focused agriculture company. We’re pioneering the future by integrating the best of the natural ...

  • AGROinvent


    AGROinvent we construct machines and automations of agricultural interest and we specialise in greenhouses with hydroponic (such as NFT: Nutrient ...

  • Hydronov LLC

    Hydronov LLC

    We are experts in hydroponics technology, design, and project management.Hydronov’s Floating Raft Technology is a cost-effective, environmentally ...

  • Vertical HydroGarden, Inc.

    Vertical HydroGarden, Inc.

    Vertical HydroGarden is a premier retailing of year-round hydroponic supplies. The Vertical Hydrogarden retail location serves as the initial brick ...