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  • Why Lime your fishpond? / Aquaculture

    Why Lime your fishpond? / Aquaculture

    Overview: When ponds are built, the top soil is alkaline and fertile. However this soil is removed and the soil left to build dykes is less alkaline and in some cases very acidic. Ponds built in areas which have acid soils and soft water may not always perform well for fish production. Such ponds may benefit from liming if the water has a total alkalinity of less than 20 mg/l. ...


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  • Pull Type Spreaders

    Pull Type Spreaders

    New for 2011! BBI Pull Type Triad - Patented - Three Independent Hoppers - with Independent Variable Rate - Fertilizer Lime Spreader. Ideal for Precision Dry Material Application - Advanced Technology for the most sophisticated farmer! TRIAD is designed to keep up with the latest advancements in prescribed, guided, variable rate application of nutrients. Plug and Play TODAY with Ag Leader - more ...