Manure Injection

Equipment & Solutions

  • Slurry Clozr
    Showcase Product

    Slurry Clozr

    By DSI Inc

    The Dietrich Slurry Clozr is a premium unit for trouble-free performance, not budget designed.

  • Coulter Till Tank Bar
    Showcase Product

    Coulter Till Tank Bar

    By Bazooka Farmstar

    The Coulter Till Tank Bar is available from 5 – 8 row units. It uses less horsepower than a traditional shank, resulting in less soil disturbance, minimized odor, and decreased fuel consumption.

  • Multi-Jet Application System
    Showcase Product

    Multi-Jet Application System

    By Jamesway Farm Equipment - Valmetal Group

    Obtain an optimal spread surface with Jamesway Multi-Jet Application System. A larger broadcast covers more surface in less time.Your neighbours will appreciate how much odor is reduced when manure is applied with the ...

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