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  • High-capacity, High-output Broadcast Unit
    Showcase Product

    High-capacity, High-output Broadcast Unit

    By Techneat Engineering Ltd.

    The Maxicast is principally a nematicide applicator for 3 bed tillers.  The mounting can either be front or on the rear as can the product delivery point.  The hydraulic fan is capable of blowing nematicide ...

  • Garden Pack
    Showcase Product

    Garden Pack

    By BioLogic Company, Inc.

    Great for protecting your lawn or garden from destructive pest insects without any chemicals! BioLogic`s Garden Pack includes Scanmask Spray (10 Million Nematodes) and the Nema-Jet Sprayer.

  • Liquid Concentrate
    Showcase Product

    Liquid Concentrate

    By Agricultural Sciences, Inc., (AgSci)

    SINCOCIN is a liquid concentrate derived from plant extracts and fatty acids that reduces the feeding vigor of plant parasitic nematode species and stimulates certain predatory nematode species important in the ...

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  • e-nema Gesellschaft für Biotechnologie und biologischen Pflanzenschutz mbH

    e-nema Gesellschaft für Biotechnologie und biologischen Pflanzenschutz mbH

    Since its foundation, e-nema GmbH has its headquarters in the northern German town of Schwentinental, which is situated very close to the university ...

  • Ponalab Biogrowth Private Limited

    Ponalab Biogrowth Private Limited

    We produce organic biofertlizer,bio pesticides, bio nematicides, pheromone lures and traps, hybrid seeds as well as animal mineral mixtures and feed ...

  • AgBiome, Inc.

    AgBiome, Inc.

    Historically, advances in agriculture have come in great leaps with radical changes occuring in relatively short periods of time. AgBiome is leading ...

  • Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI)

    Marrone Bio Innovations (MBI)

    The world population is soaring and consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment, their health, food safety, and ongoing access to ...

  • Agricultural Sciences, Inc., (AgSci)

    Agricultural Sciences, Inc., (AgSci)

    For well over three decades, AgSci has been developing agricultural soil biostimulants and nematode control additives that assist the world`s farmers ...