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  • Success Story Oliveira Pinho & Filhos, Portugal - Case Study

    Success Story Oliveira Pinho & Filhos, Portugal - Case Study

    Oliveira Pinho & Filhos, a family business located in the municipality of Mira (Portugal) dedicated to the trade of bagged potatoes and onions, purchased a Sentinel II optical food sorter from TOMRA. This machine is equipped with the latest pulsed LED technology for sorting food at a higher speed than earlier models. “Some farmers in France spoke very highly of the TOMRA machinery. ...

  • Onion Slices Drying Processes

    Onion Slices Drying Processes

    The dehydrated vegetable is a kind of food with popularity to meet the fast-paced and high-efficiency life style of nowadays. After drying, the moisture content of vegetables are reduced to 4%-13%, ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Onion Windrower

    Onion Windrower

    Holaras onion windrowers are stable and rugged machines. Models are available in three working widths and are suitable for onion transplants and seeded onions.Onions are lifted from the soil by means of a square bar (lifting bar or rod). The counters and V-shaped shares mounted on either side of the square lifting bar eliminate wastage by the first pick-up web. The rubber intake roller mounted ...