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  • Leaf Area - How & Why Measuring Leaf Area is Vital to Plant Research

    What is Leaf Area?It is easy to measure leaves, and they are also the parts of a plant most responsive to their environment. The combination of these two factors makes leaf area measurement extremely useful to scientists and growers. Besides, leaves are one of the main plant organs and are responsible for the productivity of a plant, and on a larger scale, of an ecosystem or a farm.


  • What is Leaf Area Index?

    Leaf area index, or LAI, is used to measure the amount of foliage in canopies. It is determined by the coverage of leaves per unit of ground surface. Or in simpler terms, LAI measures how many layers of leaves are found in a m2 of surface. What does ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Plant RNA Kit

    Plant RNA Kit

    The chemistry underlying the innuPREP Plant RNA Kit, which has been specially adapted for isolating plant materials (e.g. leaves, caulis, root, blossom), guarantees highly efficient lysis and effectively deactivates endogenous and exogenous RNases. The innuPREP Plant RNA Kit contains two Lysis Buffers in order to process as wide a range as possible of different plant materials, particularly plant ...