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  • Rotary Disc Header
    Showcase Product

    Rotary Disc Header

    By MacDon Industries Ltd.

    Don’t be limited by transport width. In just 30 seconds our Road Friendly Transport option, transforms both our 13 and 16 foot R1’s to a narrow 9 foot wide transport. This allows for quick, safe travel to, ...

  • Trailing Shoe
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    Trailing Shoe

    By Keltec Engineering Ltd

    The Keltec Trailing Shoe is manufactured to the highest standards using precision engineering. This machine is fully galvanised to aid against corrosion. The quality of our products is the most important thing ...

  • Vise Grips Modified with Stainless Steel 10 inch
    Showcase Product

    Vise Grips Modified with Stainless Steel 10 inch

    By Pike Agri-Lab Supplies, Inc.

    Vise grips modified with stainless steel jaws to squeeze juice from plant leaves, fruits, or vegetables. Portable & easy to clean. Works great for most materials. Improved shape on jaws helps direct sap through ...