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  • Willey Mill
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    Willey Mill

    By Nordic Scientific & Natural Solutions AB

    INTERMEDIATE MODEL "ARTHUR THOMAS" TYPE Electrically operated to work on 220 volts A.C Recommended for grinding of dry plant samples.Also for a great variety of commercial dry materials. Unit having two stationary steel ...

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  • Straminipilous Fungi

    Straminipilous Fungi presents a critical comparative review of the morphology and ultrastructure, morphogenesis, cytology, molecular biology and ...

  • Disease Management in Cocoa

    Witches' broom is an important Southern and Central American disease of cocoa that is estimated to reduce annual world production by some six to ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • AL&L Crop Solutions Inc.

    AL&L Crop Solutions is a plant disease diagnostic laboratory specializing in diseases of woody perennials, grapevines, fruit and nut trees. We are ...

  • Abingdon Health

    Abingdon Health

    Pocket Diagnostic is a range of plant disease rapid tests. With a focus on producing rapid results, Pocket Diagnostic offers the ability to test for ...

  • Agdia Incorporated

    Agdia Incorporated

    Diagnostic test for the Agricultural markets. The World Leader In Plant Pathogen Test Kits. In 1976 Alister Voller, Mike Clark, and associates ...

  • Lynchwood Diagnostics

    Lynchwood Diagnostics

    Formed with the principal aim to `bring to market` innovative and new diagnostic technologies from specialist, partner, manufacturing companies, ...

  • Relab den Haan

    Relab den Haan

    Relab den Haan is an independent Horticultural Consulting and Research company, operating worldwide. We focus on chemical analysis of water, soil and ...