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    Delta-T SunScan - Model SS1 - Canopy Analysis Systems - User Manual

    Leaf Area Index: In some types of canopy you can estimate leaf area index (LAI) with reasonable accuracy. For best results a BF3 sensor should also be ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    WinDIAS - Model WD3 - Leaf Image Analysis System - Datasheet

    WinDIAS provides high speed measurement and analysis of leaf area and leaf features, making it the ideal tool for plant pathology ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T - Model AP4 - Leaf Porometer - Manual

    The AP4 is a cycling porometer. It is used for measuring the stomatal resistance of plant leaves. This is a measure of the resistance to loss of water vapour through the stomata and is an indicator of the physiological state of the plant. Stomata are sensitive to light, carbon dioxide, pollutants and water stress and pathogens. The AP4 provides an important tool for unravelling and understanding ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    Delta-T - Model AP4 - Leaf Porometer - Datasheet

    The AP4 Porometer measures stomatal aperture in terms of leaf conductance to water vapour. This is a major determinant of water loss from plant leaves and of CO2 uptake in ...

    By Delta-T Devices Ltd.

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    RainWise - Model LW - Leaf Wetness Sensor - Datasheet

    The RainWise Leaf Wetness Sensor consists of a gold plated printed circuit board with a pattern that conducts in the presence of moisture Any moisture, including dew, that collects on the board will cause a contact closure. When connected to a RainWise logger, this energizes a timer which records the “leaf wetness time” in hours and ...

    By RainWise Inc.

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    HydraGT Moderate Slope Mulch Bend with Tack - Brochure

    The HydraGTTM Moderate Slope Mulch Blend with Tack shall be a hydraulically-applied mulch composed of a patent-pending blend of mechanically processed straw fibers, reclaimed cotton plant materials, tackifiers, and other proprietary additives. The HydraGT mulch protects from erosion, and begins establishing an intimate bond upon application with the soil’s surface to create a continuous, ...

    By North American Green

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    HydraMax HydraGS - Mild Slope Mulch Blend - Brochure

    The HydraGS Mild Slope Mulch Blend works best on short slopes with up to 3:1 gradients. It is an economical alternative to wood/cellulose blend mulches for quick and healthy turf establishment and general seeding applications. The HydraGS Mild Slope Mulch Blend shall be a hydraulically-applied mulch composed of a patent-pending blend of mechanically processed straw fibers, reclaimed cotton plant ...

    By North American Green

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    HydraMax HydraCM - Steep Slope Matrix - Datasheet

    The HydraCM Steep Slope Matrix shall be a hydraulically-applied mulch composed of a patent-pending blend of mechanically processed straw fibers, reclaimed cotton plant materials, performance-enhancing tackifiers, and other proprietary additives. The HydraCM matrix is designed for soil erosion protection, and establishes an intimate bond upon application with the soil’s surface to create a ...

    By North American Green

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    TensioMark - Matric Potential Sensor - Datasheet

    The TensioMark measures the soil water potential or matric potential. The soil matric potential is the pressure it takes to pull water out of the soil and is an indicator of stress to plants and crops, can be used to determine soil water fluxes and available water held in the soil. Water equilibrates with the ceramic tip portion of the sensor where the heat capacitance is measured. The matric ...

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    Protein Extraction from Arabidopsis with Minilys Application Brochure

    This institute is presently the largest CNRS centre devoted to integrative plant biology. IBMP focus on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of plant growth, differentiation, development and defense reactions against pathogens and environmental stresses. The research programs use functional genomics, genetics , molecular and cell biology and molecular ...

    By Bertin Technologies

  • EXO-Skin - Sap Flow Sensor - Brochure

    After more than 25 years of experience and a worldwide experience with sap flow sensor manufacturing and design, the Dynamax team brings you the latest innovations and sap flow sensor construction advancements. With continuous customer feedback over the years, and through several years of research, we solved many of the commercial and research needs for a more plant friendly and user-friendly sap ...

    By Dynamax Inc

  • Dynagage - Sap Flow Sensor - Manual

    The dataloggers with real-time capability will calculate sap flow rates and accumulate the results. To fine-tune these results one has the option of calculating the flow rates again. For example, one may choose a different Ksh value for each day, choosing the Ksh predawn, and having the most accurate data possible. For any logger that only records the sensor signals, the flow rates are calculated ...

    By Dynamax Inc

  • Dynagage - Model Flow32-1K - Sap Flow System and Dynagage Sensors - Manual

    Sap Flow measurements are made easier by the Dynamax Flow32 system. Over the past decade researcher and commercial users have been using Flow32 system for sapflow measurements from Dynagage sensors. Now the widely accepted system is improved using CR1000 data logger to give greater performance, extended memory storage and ease of use with integrated sapflow calculations. The new product ...

    By Dynamax Inc

  • Cascade - Water that Works - Brochure

    WATER. Easily one of the most vital components in poultry processing. And likely the most critical variable in the bottom line profitability - and even viability - of a processing plant. Poultry processors today are often faced with the need to reduce consumption of fresh water as well as to decrease the plant’s wastewater discharge to satisfy increasingly tough federal, state and local ...

    By Zentox Corporation

  • NutriSphere - Model N - Nitrogen Fertilizer Brochure

    NutriSphere-N Nitrogen Fertilizer Manager keeps more nitrogen available for plant uptake by slowing the conversion of nitrogen into forms that can be lost through volatilization, leaching and denitrification. This helps contribute to higher yields and can reduce the amount of N that can wind up in surface or ground water through runoff and leaching. NutriSphere-N has been successfully used on ...

    By Verdesian Life Sciences, LLC

  • Caipos - Model LW - Leaf Wetness Sensor Brochure

    Leaf wetness sensor measures resistance between metal conductors that simulate the leaf surface. Sensor should be placed close to the plants open to impact of the rain and dew. Sensor reports wetness in 20 levels. 0 is completely dry 20 is completely wet. Advantage of Caipos leaf wetness sensor is that it uses alternate current to prevent damaging of the metal grid and extend the life of the ...

    By Caipos GmbH

  • Microbiome AgBioTech Full Event Guide - Brochure

    Build and improve the right tools necessary to continue feeding our planet through microbial engineering. As the microbial community continues to make breakthrough discoveries in the human microbiome, with advances in system-levels approach technology, there is a huge opportunity to redefine agricultural practice by manipulating bacteria in plants, soil and animals. Join the pioneers of microbial ...

    By Hanson Wade

  • Bush Hog - Model HDSS1S and HDSS1L Series - Heavy Duty Subsoilers Brochure

    The new 3-point heavy duty subsoilers from Bush Hog are the right tool for you when breaking up a hardpan developed over years of heavy use. Compacted soil can hurt you in two ways: plant roots cannot penetrate into the lower levels of the soil to tap additional nutrients and, in wet conditions, the excess water cannot drain away…both effects weaken your plants and reduce your yields. The ...

  • Trijet - Emitters Brochure

    An innovative series of emitters specifically designed for irrigation of young plants of oil palm trees and other trees planted in large spacing. The emitters throw a jet of water directly into the root zone , thus eliminating the waste of water. The product is available in three configurations ...

    By Tavlit Plastic Ltd.

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