Potato Farming Downloads

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    TOMRA Sentinel II Sorting Machine - Brochure

    The Sentinel II optical sorter is designed to sort many food applications and is typically found in the tomato, peach and potato processing industry. Using the latest in illumination and detection technology, Sentinel II is a highly efficient and cost-effective sorting ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH.

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    TOMRA 5A Sorting Machine - Brochure

    The TOMRA 5A brings superior foreign material removal, quality inspection and peel quality control to the table. Running the highest capacities in the industry, this process potato sorter significantly increases the level of food safety and ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH.

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    TOMRA Genius Food Sorting Machine - Brochure

    The Genius food sorter uses a combination of various sorting technologies to meet the high food safety requirements of the food industry. The Genius removes all unwanted discolorations and foreign material from a variety of food applications such as vegetables, lettuce, potato products, nuts and many ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH.

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    TOMRA FPS Field Potato Sorting Machine - Brochure

    The Field Potato Sorter (FPS) is the most cost-effective solution on the market for the sort of unwashed potatoes, removing soil clods, stones and foreign material. It is a high volume, high capacity, robust machine for growers and packers that is built to last. The FPS machine is ideal for difficult lifting and variable crop ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH.

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    TOMRA Ixus Bulk Sorting Machine - Brochure

    The Ixus Bulk x-ray sorter provides the safest output when it comes to the removal of metal, stones, pits, glass and high density plastics from nuts, dried fruit, fruit, seafood and whole ...

    By TOMRA Sorting GmbH.

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    Toptex Potato Protection Cover - Brochure

    Toptex Potatoe Protection Fabric offers optimum protection of your potatoes from rain, snow and frost. Reduced mass and starch losses will increase your yields, and reduced soil contamination will ease up industrial ...

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    Toptex Potato Protection Cover Flyer

    Sheds rain water: thereby protects the potatoes from rainfall. Permeable to air and moist: no condensation water, the potatoes can dry ...

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    Glass Fibre Probe System Brochure

    Because electrical current cannot flow through non-metallic pipes, additional equipment must be used to locate such pipes. Glass-fibre probes and mini pig transmitters are used for this purpose. The glass-fibre probe, containing a continuous length of copper, is inserted into the pipe section to be located, connected to the signal generator and traced using the FERROPHON®. With this method it ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH

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    SPOT R100 standard and Fibreoptic

    The R100 and F.O. version uses multiple wavelengths 1 and 1.2µm for the measuring range of 550 to 1800°C/ for the Ratio measuring mode and 400 to 1800 °C for the single measurement mode. All user modes are selectable using the user interface or the webserver. Fibre-optic models use a red LED for target alignment, which exactly defines the target spot location and size The R160 and ...

    By AMETEK Land

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    KAHL - Plants for Pelleting Straw and Other Crude Fibre Products - Brochure

    Waste products of vegetable origin are available all over the world, most of which have not been recovered in the past. These products are now saved to an increasing extent and processed for further use. KAHL Pelleting Plants The place of installation for a processing plant to handle cellulose containing vegetable products depends on the type of product and the final use of the pellets which have ...

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

  • Nepean - Model FRAS - Belt Friendly Underground Roller Brochure

    NEPEAN Conveyors have significant experience in designing underground conveying solutions that are safe, reliable and enable maximum productivity levels. NEPEAN Conveyors specialise in products for the future of underground coal mining. Our FRAS Hybrid Composite roller combines all the benefits of a steel roller with all the advantages of a belt friendly nylon bearing housing. FRAS hybrid ...

    By Nepean

  • Titan - Palletising System Brochure

    Constructed in stainless steel for durability, strength and longevity. Reliable, trouble free maintenance and low cost servicing. User friendly controls. Designed and built by the Agrimech Engineering team. Suitable for a variety of packaging formats, paper, plastic, hessian, bales and poly net. For a range of products including potatoes, onions, animal feeds and ...

    By Agrimech

  • Retri -Ution - Stitching System Brochure

    Stitching System ABC, offering the ultimate in bag control. Industrial Heavy Duty Sack Stitching System. Constructed in stainless steel for durability, strength and longevity. Reliable, trouble free maintenance and low cost servicing. User friendly controls. Designed and built by the Agrimech Engineering team. Suitable for a variety of packaging formats, paper, plastic, hessian and poly net. For ...

    By Agrimech

  • Super-Glypho-Sprayer - Brochure

    Super versatile: Use on no crop areas & in row crops ( potatoes, ...

    By Satconsystem

  • Doubrava - Fiber Batch Feeder - Brochure

    Fibers are regularly used within the building material industry and that‘s why doubrava developed the ”Fiber Batch Feeder – FBF“. The compact design permits the installation in limited space. The so called ”Flex-Container“ allows a quick fibre change without cleaning ...

  • Pre-Soak - Model WYMA - Wet Hopper Brochure

    The Wyma Wet hopper allows produce to be quickly tipped from a bin, truck or other device into a water-filled tank without fear of damage. It also helps remove stones and clods in the early stage of processing. Wet hopper can receive produce in dirty, clean or semi-clean condition. It can be used with potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, swedes and beetroot (beet) ...

  • Herbert - Model VECTOR - Grading Module - Brochure

    The Herbert VECTOR grading module is the result of extensive research and development to improve the performa ce and accuracy of screen sizing particularly when working with larger mesh screens and long tuber varieties. In contrast to almost all other sizers, the top rear and bottom front rollers drive the screen of the VECTOR. The screen on the front roller is carried on a series of freely ...

    By Herbert Engineering B.V.

  • Potato Storage System Brochure

    AgroVent develops new techniques based on full comprehension of potato storage, including seed potatoes. These will be needed the more in future to combat storage moulds and bacteria. AgroVent is also ahead of the field with its new techniques in drying and storage which work independently from the weather. Condensation drying, measuring quality and sharing storage details with clients mitigate ...

    By AgroVent BV

  • VaccTek - Condensation Drying System Brochure

    VaccTek is the most significant innovation in storage technology in the last ten years. It concerns drying without use of gas by recovering energy from heat and it is independent from outside air conditions. This leads to effective drying of your valuable onions and seed potatoes, with 100% certainty of success. The VaccTek guarantees exceptional storage ...

    By AgroVent BV

  • fibroLUX - Fibre-Optic Lightpipe Light Fittings - Brochure

    The fibre-optic lightpipe light fittings of the series fibroLUX represent, due to their conception, design and the use of components of highest quality level, an innovative, technically advanced top product for the brilliant, extremely powerful and continuous illumination of process equipment, typically in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. They are also available in a version completely ...

    By Max Müller AG

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