Potato Handling

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  • Hydro-Transport Food Processing Pumps
    Showcase Product

    Hydro-Transport Food Processing Pumps

    By Cornell Pump Company

    Cornell was Introduced the first Hydro-Transport food process pump to the industry more almost 40 years ago. Unlike solids handling pumps, or other types of pumps, that are sometimes used in the food industry the ...

  • Sizer Halver
    Showcase Product

    Sizer Halver

    By Flo-Mech Ltd.

    The Flo-Cut sizer halver is designed specifically for the potato processing industry. As the name of the machine indicates, the Flo-Cut Sizer Halver carries out two operations, namely grading (sizing) and cutting ...

  • Potato Chipping Machines
    Showcase Product

    Potato Chipping Machines

    By Fred Hartley Estates Ltd

    Fred Hartley Estates Ltd is currently growing 160ha of potatoes with varieties including Maris Piper, Markies, Sigitta, Melody, Jelly, Ramos and Compass. To ensure we produce the highest quality potato we need to have ...

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  • Harriston Mayo

    Harriston Mayo

    Harriston Industries and Mayo Mfg. Co. are divisions of Harriston-Mayo. Harriston Industries is located in Minto, North Dakota and is a manufacturer ...

  • Broadwater Machinery Ltd

    Broadwater Machinery Ltd

    Broadwater Machinery Ltd is located in the market town of Framlingham in Suffolk. The company is focused on supplying well engineered products to ...

  • David Harrison Handling Solutions Ltd

    David Harrison Handling Solutions Ltd

    David Harrison Handling Solutions Ltd supply machinery to the agricultural, industrial and environmental sectors. Over the last 40 years we have ...

  • SN Machinery Ltd

    SN Machinery Ltd

    SN Machinery Ltd suppliers of quality fully refurbished vegetable grading and handling equipment, distributors and servicing of new Nicholson ...

  • Farmers Harvest Inc.

    Farmers Harvest Inc. is the east coast supplier of potato & vegetable handling equipment and parts used in the field, as well as the packing shed. ...