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  • Cassava residue fermentation and feeding method

    Cassava residue fermentation and feeding method

    What is the difference between cassava residue fermented organic fertilizer and non fermented organic fertilizer? There are many disadvantages in the traditional cassava residue fermentation: not only the fermentation time is long, the labor intensity of the fermentation process is large, it takes a lot of energy to stir a ton of cassava residue and other mixtures, but also the nutrition of the ...


  • Get Growing this Summer

    Get Growing this Summer

    Even mid-way through June, it’s not too late to start growing some of your own food this season. Growing a garden in your yard, your windowsill, or at any other scale can be empowering. And it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming venture! ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Vertical Packaging Machines

    Vertical Packaging Machines

    Here at JASA, we deem innovation highly important. That is why we have developed a revolutionary new technology for our vertical packaging machines: Bag-2-Paper™! And the best thing? It`s 100% paper*, without plastic coating, the packages can be closed without sealing, and it’s 100% suitable for recycling. This makes Bag-2-Paper™ a revolution for sustainable packaging.