Crop Cultivation Equipment in Bulgaria

  • Hopper Silos

    Kalina-Klenski Ltd. manufactures silos from galvanized steel with conical bottom on metal legs. The bottom of the silos is inclined 45 ° and 60 °. In this type of silo emptying is carried by gravity means, without the need of facilities for forced removal of the grain.The metal legs of this type of silos step of striped concrete ...

    By Kalina - Klenski Ltd based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Hopper Silos Product line

  • Nobili - Model M-ME Series - Ttractor Mounted Fork-lifts

    The tractor mounted fork-lifts M17/320 can be fitted to the back of the tractor. The special design and manufacturing of the lifting parts allow to the operator the maximum visibility while working. The steel forks, adjustable in width, as well as the case holder are tip-up. The side shift is carried out by antifriction guide slides with low power ...

    By OPTICOM Ltd based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA.

  • Flat Bottom Silos

    Kallna-Klenski Ltd. manufactures metal silos for cereals such as wheat, corn, oats, rye, sunflower and others with volume of 20 to 5000 tons each. The silos are made of double galvanized steel components and then assembled on the bolt connection on reinforced concrete foundations with steel columns. In the foundation run channels for ventilation ...

    By Kalina - Klenski Ltd based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Flat Bottom Silos Product line

  • PERLA - Model 11.0 - Trailed Disk Harrow

    Heavy type disk harrow. Driving mechanism including depth adjustment. Constant angle of the discs configuration. Option for coupling to tractors over 300 hp.

    By Perla AD based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Trailed Disk Harrow Product line

  • Agroremproject - Model BD - 3,2 - Disk Harrow

    The harrow is designed for pre-sowing preparation of the soil for the sowing of grain crops.

    By Agroremproject -98 JSCo based in Rousse, BULGARIA. from Disk Harrow Product line

  • Agroremproject - Model 6,0 - Disk Harrow

    The harrow is designed for pre-sowing preparation of the soil for the sowing of grain crops.

    By Agroremproject -98 JSCo based in Rousse, BULGARIA. from Disk Harrow Product line

  • PEGAS - Model 3 A - Sub Soiler

    From all processes and operations in the technological complex of cultivation of agricultural crops the sub soiling has the biggest and most direct impact on soil's water control. By amending the texture and the structure of the soil, the processing creates different conditions for accommodating and retaining water from rainfalls, for its flowing ...

    By Autolink based in Yambol, BULGARIA. from Sub Soiler Product line

  • Disc Harrow

    With this new carrier arm system two serrated concave discs are mounted on a wide clamping bracket. This ensures that the discs always retain their position and angle. Even in heavy soil it is impossible for them to deviate to the side – hard tyre tracks are broken up reliably. Four rubber elements in the mounting bracket provide overload ...

    By Bulagro AD based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Disc Harrow Product line

  • Rugged - Model 4.6/5.5/6.6 - Cultivator/Press Unipress

    The machine features leading tines which cultivate and create a tilth ahead of the full width, fully-adjustable levelling board which further works the soil and either smashes clods or aligns them ahead of the in-line large diameter 700mm DD Rings. The rings crush them and leave a well cultivated, consolidated and weatherproof seedbed which is ...

    By Varex.BG. based in Sofia, BULGARIA. from Cultivator/Press Unipress Product line

  • FANCOM FaroTek - Electronic Farrowing Sow Feeder

    Enable your farrowed sows to eat multiple times during the day with the new FaroTekg Farrowing Sow Feeding System. This FANCOM sow feeding system provides sows with individualized care in group housing: Track sows – gestation through farrowing. Use individualized feed curves. Maintain or improve body condition. Optimize piglet weaning ...

  • Prima - Propagating Material Organic Fertilizer

    Prima Organic offers to purchase planting material assistance to build a new farm, training and advice for keeping in.

    By Prima Organic based in Zafirovo, BULGARIA.

  • Limestone

    Limestone is a widespread natural product with variety of applications. For us, it means much more than just another mineral in our product portfolio. Large volumes of the limestone which we produce is used for sulphur-cleaning of the waste gases in the thermal power stations in South Bulgaria. Thus, we contribute for preserving of the environment ...

    By Kaolin based in Senovo, BULGARIA.

  • Vejen - Model PLC Series - Conventional Ploughs

    Conventional plough is a reliable farmer’s partner solving modern agricultural key problems. It fully corresponds to local soil characteristics. This machine simultaneously turns and looses soil layer. It helps:

    By Madara Group based in Shumen, BULGARIA. from Conventional Ploughs Product line

  • Model TP - Spreaders

    Spreaders are designed for fast and efficient soil surface fertilizing. They are fertilizing and feeding cereals, grass-plots and pastures. Main advantages are:

    By Madara Group based in Shumen, BULGARIA. from Spreaders Product line

  • Esit - Model WF - Weigh Feeder

    Esit Weigh-feeders find application in processing, mainly cement, mine, chemical, grain or food industries, in order to supply materials with the necessary flow rates accurate and continuously.

    By Esit Electronic Systems Office in Sofia, BULGARIA. from Weigh Feeder Product line

  • Infotech - Thermal Control System

    The thermo-probes are manufactured and installed according to the requirements of the individual project. Micro processor sensors take the grain temperature and send the data to the control panel. In order to assure an easy follow up of a large content of information, the received data appears at the control panel display in a table view. It ...

    By Infotech-Group Ltd based in Sofia, BULGARIA.

  • FALC FREELAND - Model 3000 - Plough

    FALC FREELAND 3000 - Rotary plow for processing any type of soil

    By Bulagro AD based in Stara Zagora, BULGARIA. from Plough Product line

  • Pelican - Model BD Series - Tandem Disc Harrows

    Tandem disc harrow is designed for shallow soil cultivation and aeration. It is used for: Upper layer loosening; Pre-sowing soil preparation for corn crops; Soil surface leveling; Cultivation after early and late crops; Stubble cultivation – cutting up and burying weeds; Fields and pastures harrowing – improving soil aeration and ...

    By Madara Group based in Shumen, BULGARIA. from Tandem Disc Harrows Product line

  • Madara - Model BDV 030 - Disc Harrow

    Product: Disc Harrow. Brand: Madara. Model: BDV 030. Product type: trailer. Working width at max attack angle of the working body, mm 3000. Maximum cultivating depth, mm: 240. Disk diameter, mm: 610. Distance between disks, mm: 230. Woking section attach angle, deg: front - 14-28; rear - 11-25. Situation of the working sections: V - shaped. ...

    By Glencom based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA.

  • GERPRO - Disc Harrows

    Type: General disc sections with side wings up to 12m. Disc harrow weight: 2 720 kg. Disc diameter: 610mm х 6mm. Working width: 3.5m. Working depth: up to 160mm. Recommended tractor power: 120 – 140 h.p. Adjustable attack angle: 11° – 23°. Client customized.

    By GERPRO Ltd based in Nova Zagora, BULGARIA. from Disc Harrows Product line

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