Crop Cultivation Equipment in Switzerland

  • EutecTrode CastInox D

    Special manual electrodes for the joining and repair of parts in the following types of stainless steels: CrNi (ALH), CrNiMo (BLH) and heat-resistant (D).

    By Castolin Eutectic based in St-Sulpice, SWITZERLAND. from EutecTrode CastInox D Product line

  • Durivo - Modern Broad Spectrum Insecticides

    DURIVO is innovation in performance and convenience. DURIVO offers growers performance and convenience in the production of healthier crops and harvest. The DURIVO product line is a range of diamide chemistry based broad spectrum insecticides that perform with less sprays needed, and helps to deliver improved yields.

    By Syngenta based in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Modern Broad Spectrum Insecticides Product line

  • Foxy Plus - Trigger Sprayer

    The robust, top quality trigger sprayer, durable with a powerful trigger pump for home and workshop.

    By Birchmeier Sprühtechnik AG based in Stetten, SWITZERLAND. from Trigger Sprayer Product line

  • Conica - Model SP - Coniproof for Waterproof Layers

    Coniproof SP is a two-component, solvent-free and elastic polyurethane spray coating that hardens very fast. It is used as a crack-bridging seal on concrete for the creation of waterproof layers and intermediate layers in construction that are not subject to direct mechanical strain. Thanks to the spray application and fast setting, the spray ...

    By Conica Ag based in Schaffhausen, SWITZERLAND. from Coniproof for Waterproof Layers Product line

  • Nonwoven Mulch for Garden

    Spring arrives and there is a real explosion of plant growth in our gardens – what a delight! However, it is not just the plants we want that blossom; the weeds thrive as well! Gardeners, who like to use ecological methods to protect against weeds, use Howolis Nonwoven mulch – manufactured from biodegradable fibres (100% FSC Swiss ...

    By Lindner Suisse GmbH based in Wattwil, SWITZERLAND. from Nonwoven Mulch for Garden Product line

  • Cables and Hoses

    Specially designed cables and hoses play a key role in the mining and tunnelling industries. Sourced from major manufacturers, Cavotec supplies a comprehensive range of special fibre optic cables, Kevlar and hoses varying from standard power cables to advanced power and signal cables for niche applications. Cavotec also caters for high stress ...

    By Cavotec SA based in Lugano, SWITZERLAND.

  • Standby Fence

    The standby fence is a sophisticated system, which includes natural vole predators in order to avoid vole (re-)immigration.

    By Andermatt Biocontrol AG based in Grossdietwil, SWITZERLAND. from Standby Fence Product line

  • Conica - Model SU - Coniproof for Waterproof Layers

    CONIPROOF SU is a two-component, solvent-free and highly elastic polyurea spray coating that hardens very fast. In comparison with conventional polyurethane spray coatings, polyurea is less elastic and therefore more suitable for areas subject to mechanical strain. It is used as a crack-bridging seal on concrete, bituminous substrates and steel ...

    By Conica Ag based in Schaffhausen, SWITZERLAND. from Coniproof for Waterproof Layers Product line

  • Model TS 207 Series - Inner Diameter Saw

    Best cutting quality WITH minimum kerf loss for PV and semiconductor industrIES. Our inner diameter saw TS 207 combines best cutting quality with minimum kerf loss. Robust construction and easy handling are additional features of the TS 207. The machine is loaded manually with silicon ingots or bricks and offers flexibility of ...

    By Meyer Burger based in Gwatt (Thun), SWITZERLAND. from Inner Diameter Saw Product line

  • Sattler - High Silo Roof (HSR)

    The low-emission tank-top CENO high silo Roof (HSD), which is mounted directly on top of steel or concrete tanks, also prevents the Substrate or Fermentation residues from being rained on.

    By Sattler AG Office in Wittenbach, SWITZERLAND. from High Silo Roof (HSR) Product line

  • Sulzer Metco - Model MultiCoat - Plasma Spray System

    MultiCoat Plasma runs plasma single and triple cathode guns. Our specialized software interfaces with your workpiece database, data logging, and maintenance schedules to configure and optimize the hardware for your specific process.

    By Sulzer Ltd. based in Winterthur, SWITZERLAND. from Plasma Spray System Product line

  • Wesemann - Standing Unit for Double Work Bench

    The standing workbench unit as a modular autonomous system, meets all the occupational safety standards thanks to the integrated spray-protection.

    By Wesemann GmbH Office in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Standing Unit for Double Work Bench Product line

  • Model NPK 4-1-5 - Bio Liquid Plant Food Phosphate Fertilizer

    Suitable for all decorative and agricultural plants, in the house, on the balcony or in the garden. Pure natural product, manufactured from vegetable materials.

    By ASB Grünland Helmut Aurenz GmbH Office in Neuhausen am Rhf., SWITZERLAND.

  • Rhize-up Luc - Bacterial Bioinoculant

    An effective bacterial Bioinoculant for Lucerne with the nitrogen fixing rhizobium Sinorhizobium meliloti. A granular formulation offers high concentration of bacterial cells within protective capsules, giving the product natural sticking properties for seed treatments. The product guarantying a maximum level of N2-fixation through high nodulation ...

    By Andermatt Biocontrol AG based in Grossdietwil, SWITZERLAND. from Bacterial Bioinoculant Product line

  • Anhydrous Ammonia

    Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) is produced by catalytic synthesis of hydronitric mixture; natural gas and nitrogen contained in the atmosphere are the primary raw materials for ammonia production. Ammonia is the basic raw material for production of nitrogen, phosphate and compound fertilizers; it is also used in agriculture and different industries.

    By EuroChem Group based in Zug, SWITZERLAND. from Anhydrous Ammonia Product line

  • Model G44 - Snow Plough

    The G44 snow plough was developed to tackle the heavy snowfalls encountered in mountainous regions. With its imposing height of 130 cm, it can master huge volumes of snow. However, it is not just a mountain snow plough, but can also be mounted on wheel loaders weighing around 8.5 tons or more. With its 4 spring elements, the G44 is perfectly ...

    By Zaugg Ag Eggiwil based in Eggiwil, SWITZERLAND. from Snow Plough Product line

  • DataSafe - Model CX - Batteries

    The DataSafe CX-M is an economical multi-cell flat plate battery.  The CX-M is optimized for high performance and provides excellent short duration discharge rates.  The DataSafe CX-M battery features the Slide-Lock post seal design. The DataSafe CX-M battery was designed for easier maintenance since all the posts and connectors reside ...

    By EnerSys Office in Zürich, SWITZERLAND. from Batteries Product line

  • Continuous Reinforced Concrete Core Walls

    Continuous reinforced concrete core wallsare vertical walls made in spans of up to 7 metres in length and thicknesses between 0.45 and 1.50 metres, and depths of up to 70 m, and offer a solution to excavation difficulties in urban areas or around the water table level.

    By Terratest Group Office in Urdorf, SWITZERLAND. from Continuous Reinforced Concrete Core Walls Product line

  • SERVO - Model 35 S - Mounted Plough

    Mounted plough with 4 to 6 furrows

    By PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH Office in Birmenstorf, SWITZERLAND. from Mounted Plough Product line

  • Model NPK 4-1-5 - Bio Herb Fertilizer

    Promotes the healthy growth of kitchen herbs. Pure natural product, manufactured from vegetable materials.

    By ASB Grünland Helmut Aurenz GmbH Office in Neuhausen am Rhf., SWITZERLAND.

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