Crop Cultivation Equipment in Oregon

  • Tree Guards

    Nursermen and Orchadists have been using corrugated plastic Tree Guards for over 25 years with great success. Farm Wholesale Tree Guards are easy to wrap onto tissue culture tree trunks to protect their thin, sensitive bark for years. Our tree trunk protectors are black and ribbed on the inside for cushining and white on the outside to prevent ...

  • Model 4W6 - Sprayer

    The award winning 4W6 sprayer and spreader has proven itself with true versatility and an innovative design. The 4W6 has the power, deluxe suspension, interchangeable spray system as well as the floatation and traction - offering more possibilities and adaptions.

    By GK Machine, Inc. based in Donald, OREGON (USA). from Sprayer Product line

  • Bio Mats

    Rolls 6'6' wide X 132 ' long are packed in plastic for outdoor storage at job sites. IVI Strawmat is 100% biodegradable straw with a photodegradable polypropylene mesh on one side. The mat retains moisture, retards runoff and stimulates prompt seed germination.

    By Erosion Control Forum based in Bend, OREGON (USA). from Bio Mats Product line

  • Model MS-40BD - 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer Diaphragm Style

    4-gallon capacity, backpack sprayer with diaphragm-style pump pressurizes to 90PSI.

    By Midstate Power Products-Platt Equipment Co. Inc. based in Redmond, OREGON (USA).

  • John Deere - Model 6125M - Low Profile Orchard Cab

    Quality 100% Laser Cut Stainless Steel Construction. 3D Modeled/CAD Engineered For Superior Fit-Up. Tough 1/2' Orchard Glass - All Windows. Aluminum Window Frames (no exposed seals). Comfortable 100% Recirculation A/C and Heat. Powered 2 Stage Charcoal Filtration/ Pressurization System. Complete Noise Attenuated Interior. Compact 87' Overall ...

    By Key Dollar Cab, LLC based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Low Profile Orchard Cab Product line

  • Model WWWW10-P - Pull-Type Weed Wiper Unit - 10 Ft.

    This is our 10 ft. pull-type weed wiper unit.  Our pull-type units include a tank and pump for your application convenience.  The sponge boom height can be adjusted from 2 to 42 inches above the ground.

    By Smucker Manufacturing Inc. based in Harrisburg, OREGON (USA). from Pull-Type Weed Wiper Unit - 10 Ft. Product line

  • Grain Dispenser

    Hydraulically adjusted grain roller feed with crimper cracker designed for the C3500 and C5000 Big Bale Choppers. Crimped or cracked grains can be diverted from chopper discharge chute to the outside chute for measuring or other use with the flip of a lever. The hopper holds up to 40 cubic feet of material. It is suitable for corn, barley, wheat, ...

    By Newhouse Mfg. Co. based in Redmond, OREGON (USA). from Grain Dispenser Product line

  • Onion Flail Shredder

    The higher profile body of the Onion Flail Shredder allows for better broadcasting of material. Operators have the option of chain, belt or both for the front deflectors. Newhouse uses a heavy-wall receiving tube for an extremely rigid body design and front tool bars are standard on all onion shredders. The contoured rotor adjusts for virtually ...

    By Newhouse Mfg. Co. based in Redmond, OREGON (USA). from Onion Flail Shredder Product line

  • Hagoth - Model 9325TS - Multi-Crop Harvester

    Harvester of Sweet Corn, Green Beans, and Sugar Snap Peas.

    By Hagoth Industries LLC based in Weston, OREGON (USA).

  • Model CP600 - Center Pivot

    PIERCE’s latest CP600 model is a system designed to adapt to a variety of weather, crop and field conditions, all the while providing maximum performance as it relates to water efficiency and increased crop yields, year after year. PIERCE-CP600 can be configured with a variety of span lengths, overhang combinations and multiple sprinkler ...

    By Pierce Corporation based in Junction City, OREGON (USA). from Center Pivot Product line

  • Model 3/4 Inch Minus - Nursery Bark

    This is a semi-aged bark sutable for Nursery container fill, soil amendment and landscape material.

    By BioReclaim, Inc. based in Sheridan, OREGON (USA).

  • Potato Flail Shredder

    This multi-crop flail shredder handles extremely tough crop conditions and is ideal for potato production. The dynamically balanced rotor is 10 ¾” in diameter and features a ½” wall. Combined with 2-3/16” alloy steel rotor shafts, this rotor is the strongest in the industry. Contoured flails are patterned to fit ...

    By Newhouse Mfg. Co. based in Redmond, OREGON (USA). from Potato Flail Shredder Product line

  • Mint Root Planter

    Designed to provide superior, even mint distribution. Planting depth and coverage are adjustable. Optional row planting widths are available.

    By Newhouse Mfg. Co. based in Redmond, OREGON (USA). from Mint Root Planter Product line

  • Model WWTCKT5-SP - Sprayer Boom Kit - 5 ft.

    This is our 5 ft. self-propelled kit that can easily be mounted to your existing spray boom!  Each 30' sponge section has a seperate feed tube that adapts directly to the closest TeeJet or Hypro nozzle body.  Nozzle body caps are also included to shut down any tip that is not feeding a sponge section.  The special brakets, U-bolts, ...

    By Smucker Manufacturing Inc. based in Harrisburg, OREGON (USA). from Sprayer Boom Kit - 5 ft. Product line

  • Model WWTCATV5 - ATV Weed Wiper Mount 5 ft.

    This is our 5 ft. pump fed ATV weed wiper mount.  Connect to your ATV with ease using our easy to use ATV mount.  With each of our ATV mount weed wiper kits, keep in mind, that the sprayer is not included.  We recommend using a minimum 1 GPM per minute pump.

    By Smucker Manufacturing Inc. based in Harrisburg, OREGON (USA). from ATV Weed Wiper Mount 5 ft. Product line

  • Jacto - Model PJH - Backpack

    We’re really excited to have the PJH in our line-up. It’s not only Jacto’s leading seller globally, it is absolutely the world’s top selling backpack sprayer – and the most imitated backpack sprayer ever. The 5-gallon (20 liter) PJH will be highly recognized by commercial growers and landscapers who have emigrated ...

    By Jacto, Inc. based in Tualatin, OREGON (USA). from Backpack Product line

  • Rotary Plow

    This unique attachment is world-renowned for its superior performance, versatility and easy handling. Manufactured by the Berta Franco Company in Italy, the rotary plow accomplishes a multitude of tasks efficiently and effectively. Four spiral blades spin up to 300 RPMs on a vertical shaft, digging effortlessly into all types of ...

    By BCS America based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Rotary Plow Product line

  • Model 400 Gallon - Single Row V Trellis Orchard Sprayer

    Our sprayers feature the On Target patented spray nozzle that uses an electrical charge to create a fine mist of uniform, electrostatic droplets. Since all droplets have the same charge, they repel each other, creating a fine spray mist less prone to runoff and coalescence. The opposite charges of the plant attract the particles to it, drawing the ...

    By On Target Spray Systems based in Mt. Angel, OREGON (USA). from Single Row V Trellis Orchard Sprayer Product line

  • Rear-Tine Tiller

    With BCS tillers, you don’t just dig your dirt, you build your soil.  Bust sod, prepare seedbeds, precision cultivate and, when gardening season is over, power compost spent plant material or between-season cover crops directly back into your soil for organically richer soil in the spring. Most importantly, BCS accomplishes this ...

    By BCS America based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Rear-Tine Tiller Product line

  • Woods - Model PRD 6000 - Rear Mount Finish Mowers

    60-inch cutting width, Rear Discharge. Three-point hitch: Cat 1. Tractor HP range: 15-40 hp. Ideal for mowing large lawns, sports fields, and parks. Strong, eight-gauge steel deck. Floating lower hitch points to manage uneven terrain. Powerful 60 hp gearbox. Kevlar® belt with clutching cover protects parts and increases lifespan. Anti-shimmy ...

    By Blount International Inc. based in Portland, OREGON (USA). from Rear Mount Finish Mowers Product line

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