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Crop Cultivation Equipment

  • Foreverest - Model 95% - a Terpineol

    For feed additive application, a-Terpineol can be used for anthelmintic and growth promoter. For plant diseases control, a-Terpineol mays control powdery mildew on fruits and vegetables, early blight on potatoes.

    By Foreverest Resources Ltd. based in Xiamen, CHINA. from Adjuvants & Spray Surfactants Product line

  • Norfab - High Capacity Mort Ensiling Systems

    Very effective and powerful 22kW mincer and automatic outfeed pump. The pump delivers minced fish to an ensiler or direct to a bulk tank. The mincing/pumping/ensiling system and acid pump control panels. Best housed in a shelter to keep the worst of the weather at bay, the panels are custom built in Fort William by top class industrial electrical ...

    By Norfab Equipment Ltd based in Fort William, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ensilers Product line

  • Circul8 - Aquatic Weeds & Algae

    Aquatic Weeds & Algae have certain requirements to thrive. Typically those requirements include very quiet water, shallow water, and a nutrient source (a sludge blanket at the bottom of the pond). Ornamental ponds are challenging because eutrophication processes can happen so fast in such a limited space. We have all watched a glass fish tank, ...

    By Circul8 Systems based in Reardan, WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Solano - Model 1RD1MT - Single Mass Front Olive Harvester

    Piston hydraulic system. Fast system to hitch/unhitch the inverted umbrella. Hydraulic central hitched on the rear 3 points of the tractor with fast coupling plugs and counter-weight. In-cab electrical control box. Elevation movement of pincers. 35º transversal orientation movement of pincers. Simultaneous opening movements of both umbrella ...

    By Solano Horizonte S.L. based in Corvera (Murcia), SPAIN. from Tree Harvesters Product line

  • Solano - Model SD - Mechanical Direct Seeder

    Kit of rear circulation lights. Burying system by discs and compacting wheels. Depth control run through position of central wheels and tow-bar. Independant seed distributors with two positions (thin seeds, normal seeds). High precision speed variator.

    By Solano Horizonte S.L. based in Corvera (Murcia), SPAIN. from Seeders Product line

  • Minimort - Ensiler Machine

    The Minimort is the smallest in our range of machines designed to turn dead fish into neutral odour silage. The Minimort has a 300 litre stainless steel tank and shaft-driven cutter powered by a 2kW three phase motor. A contactor with built-in motor protection overload is mounted on a bracket on the top. The ensiler is designed to sit either ...

    By Norfab Equipment Ltd based in Fort William, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ensilers Product line

  • Culbac - Commercial Seed Treatment All-Natural Biostimulant for Improved Seedling Vigor

    Culbac Commercial Seed Treatment acts as a stimulus for the growth of beneficial soil microbes when coated onto seeds. In addition to its bioactive compounds, it is fortified with a blend of essential micronutrients to ensure seedlings get the best start possible.

    By TransAgra International Inc. based in Storm Lake, IOWA (USA). from Plant Products Product line

  • Indogulf BioAg - Multi-Bio (Mycorrhiza based Bio- Fertilizer)

    Multi-bio is a double action bio-fetillizer recipe, formulated by the research team at Indogulf BioAg. It is primarily mycorrhiza based, and hence provides all the goodness to the root of the plant through mycorrhiza fungi. Additionally, multi-bio also contains all essential nutrients which the plant needs to grow healthy and strong. This double ...

    By Indogulf BioAg based in Mumbai, INDIA.

  • Fortify - Bio-Fortification for Crops

    The Fortify range is designed to provide essential elements in a unique formulation that aids a plant’s bio fortification process. The Fortify formulations assist crops by maximising vascular flow and cellular processes to limit susceptibility to biotic stress and to support the growing crop during recuperation from both abiotic and ...

    By Engage Agro Europe Ltd based in Chorley, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Bio Jet - Microbial Based Natural Plant Biostimulant

    Biostimulants promotes plant growth and development throughout the crop/plant life cycle, starts from seed germination to plant maturity. These products are rapidly absorbed by foliage and roots with maximum nutritional benefit with very low energy consumption with no residual  foot prints left in the environment and maintains ...

    By Plant Life Innovative Technologies LLC based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Plant Biostimulants Product line

  • Model P - FORCE - Phosphate Solubilizing Microbes

    Increase phosphate & micronutrients availability to plants & early access to phosphorous helps support vigor, bigger roots, which enhances nitrogen and potassium uptake and stress tolerance throughout the season.

    By Plant Life Innovative Technologies LLC based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Phosphate Solubilizers Product line

  • iGNITE-N - Model 3.0 - Biological Nitrogen Fixers

    Actively fixes atmospheric nitrogen into the soil & plant, synthesize phytohormones, acts on the fast germination of the seeds, on the root and vegetative development of the plants, increased nutrients uptake and higher yields. Replaces upto 50% of plant's nitrogen needs.SAVE ON NITROGEN FERTILIZER & HIGHER YIELDS.

    By Plant Life Innovative Technologies LLC based in Sacramento, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Nitrogen Fixing Inoculant Product line

  • Seaweed - Model NPK16-6-32 - Water Soluble Fertilizer

    Producet feature: white or light yellow powder,PH:3.5-6.

  • Homan - Root Raking Plough

    A heavy duty, multi purpose, tyned agricultural implement which can till the soil to make it ready for planting simultaneously with eradicating the sticks and the roots from the soil.

    By HOMAN Quality Equipment based in Toowoomba, AUSTRALIA. from Other Products Product line

  • EndoPrime - Plant and Soil Enhancement

    EndoPrime is a plant and soil enhancement product that contains mycorrhizae. Mycorrhizae are beneficial fungi that naturally exist in soils colonising the root systems of plants. EndoPrime includes 4 high performing endo-mycorrhizae species that have been proven to increase crop productivity and overall plant and soil health.

    By Sumitomo Chemical Australia Pty Ltd based in Epping, AUSTRALIA. from AgroSolutions Product line

  • BiOWiSH - Crop 16-40-0

    BiOWiSHTM Crop 16-40-0 is the BiOWiSHTM Crop technology delivered in a solid soluble form. BiOWiSHTM Crop 16-40-0 is solubilized in the field then applied to the soil or crops by liquid delivery systems. No activation required!

    By BiOWiSH Technologies based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Beneo - Prebiotic Fibres

    Intestinal health and a healthy gut flora are key to optimal nutrient absorption thus ensuring stable growth and wellbeing of animals. With inulin and oligofructose BENEO offers two highly functional prebiotic fibres for animal nutrition, which improve intestinal health and ensure the healthy upbringing of pets and livestock. Inulin and ...

    By Beneo GmbH based in Mannheim, GERMANY. from Animal Nutrition Product line

  • 10 Holes Strawberry Tray

    The patented 10-hole Strawberry Tray has several unique characteristics. The horseshoe-shape of the cup makes it easy to recognise the direction in which the plants should be placed. This ensures the growth of the strawberries on the outside of the substrate trough. Mistakes or diseases caused by wrongly placed plants are prevented, while planting ...

    By Bato Plastics B.V. based in Zevenbergen, NETHERLANDS. from Horticultural- Strawberry Trays Product line

  • Micro-Blaze - Model BudKicker - Concentrated Liquid Bio-Catalyst

    Micro-Blaze® BudKicker is a concentrated liquid bio-catalyst that acts as a nutrient, or booster, for our microbial population in the Micro-Blaze® Emergency Liquid Spill Control. It can also be used as a stand-alone plant and garden supplement. It is an all-natural solution designed to enhance plant growth. Micro-Blaze® BudKicker ...

    By Verde Environmental, Inc. based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Chemical Organic Matter Fertilizer

    For years, intensive chemical fertilization, wrong disinfection and tillage as operationsin agriculture have caused fatigue and reduced soil vitality in the fields. In general, there is little or no organic matter in the fields of our country. Our fields need organic matter to regain soil vitality.

    By Tekno Biyology based in Kazan, TURKEY.

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