Rape Seed Farming

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  • Header Extensions
    Showcase Product

    Header Extensions

    By Zürn Harvesting GmbH & Co. KG

    This header extension has been proven ten thousand times for straight rapeseed/canola harvesting with very fast payback by considerable reduction of seed losses up to 300 kg/ha.

  • Rapeseed Side Knives & Kits
    Showcase Product

    Rapeseed Side Knives & Kits

    By Ziegler GmbH

    Characteristics: The rapeseed side knives are designed in order to convert the grain cutting system for rapeseed harvesting. These are available für all common harvester types with the cutting system´s work ...

  • Drum Dryers
    Showcase Product

    Drum Dryers

    By A/S Cimbria

    High capacity, high efficiency and low cost technology for heat treatment to increase the nutritional value of feedstuff.Like Expanders, Extruders and Micronizers the Cimbria “Dantoaster” Feed Processor is ...

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