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    GeoRunner Surface Protection Installation Guidelines

    Base Preparation 1. Level and compact the soil base suitable for the intended loads, then rake loose the top ½ inch of soil to provide seed bedding layer. The GeoRunner units can be installed directly over the bedding layer, turf reinforcement mats or sod. 2. Correct elevation and contour of the base layer is important because the flexible GeoRunner units will follow the base elevation and ...

    By Presto Geosystems

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    Grasspave2 Product Specification

    GB/CSI-32 12 43 12 APRIL 2013 PAGE 1 Invisible Structures, Inc. April 2013 1600 Jackson St., Suite 310 Golden, CO 80401 Toll Free 800-233-1510 Phone 303-233-8383 Fax 303-233-8282 E-Mail Website Grasspave2 Product Specification (CSI Format) Notes: This product guide specification is written according to the Construction ...

    By Invisible Structures, Inc.

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    Measurement of Oil Content in Jatropha Curcas Seeds Application Brochure

    NMRN SOOMeOOMeMeasuring the oil content of Jatrophaseeds is important for two reasons:firstly, for non-destructive measurementof single seeds, to select high oilcontent specimens for propagation,secondly, for bulk measurement of oilcontent for trading or processing.MethodSolvent extraction techniques are often usedfor the measurement of oil content of seeds.However, they tend to be time ...

    By Oxford Instruments plc

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    Straw Blowers Brochure

    6’ 3-point 9/20" 25+ hp 1,200 lbs 4'-2" l x 3'-5" h x 5'-11" W 8’ 3-point 12/20" 35+ hp 1,500 lbs 4'-2" l x 3'-5" h x 7'-11" W 8’ Wheeled 12/20" 35+ hp 1,800 lbs 10'-5" l x 3'-11" h x 7'-11" W9281 lesaint driveFairfield, oh 45014-5457toll Free (800) 543-7166e-mail: www.finncorp.comEfficient CoverageOf Many Profit ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN HydroGel Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN HydroGel B is a polymer that is able to store water and nutrients up to 500% its own size and weight. Once HydroGel B releases its stored moisture and nutrients to the root system, it will replenish itself with the next rainfall or irrigation. Finn HydroGel B is a plant watering aid ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN E-Tack Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN E-Tack is a specially formulated polymer that electrochemically binds soil and mulch particles together for all HydroSeeding mulch applications. Finn E-Tack can also be used to prevent dust in non-traffic areas and will aid in water penetration in soils low in organic matter. Used ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN HLL Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN HLL is used by land reclamation specialists, highway and commercial landscaping contractors, turf management professionals and homeowners to adjust soil pH levels. When compared with traditional agricultural and pellet-ized limestone, Finn HLL has a greater strength and is more ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN HPN Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN HPN is a super soluble, high phosphorous starter fertilizer aimed at sup-plying all the nutrients and micro-nutrients necessary for the first 4-6 weeks of new seedling life. This is a field proven nutrient product used in the turf industry for seed establishment. Finn HPN is ...

    By FINN Corporation

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    FINN FiberPlus Additive System Specification Sheet

    9281 LeSaint DriveFairfield, OH 45014-5457Toll Free (800) 543-7166E-mail: www.finncorp.comFINN FiberPlus is a specially coated synthetic fiber to improve the tenacity and bonding of all fiber mulches, longer fiber length provides mechanical adhe-sion to the soil surface. FiberPlus provides better germination conditions for the seed, and also prevents mulch from washing away, ...

    By FINN Corporation

  • Model PM650 - Advanced Portable Seed Moisture and Grain Moisture Meter Brochure

    The latest release after 65 years of manufacturing handheld moisture analyzers for grain, seed, and other agricultural needs, the PM650 provides non-destructive moisture measurement in less than 10 seconds with no sample preparation.  Battery powered, the PM650 can be used in the field to optimize harvest, at auctions to assess product quality, and in the receiving area to ensure supplier ...

    By Kett US

  • YAŞAR - Universal Cereal Seeder With Gearbox Brochure

    UNIVERSAL CEREAL SEEDER WITH GEARBOX all king of cereal seed and forage crops (Wheat, barley, rye, oat, peas, soy, alfalfa, safflower) able to sowing precision and smooth to the row hanging type sowing machine. As a separately small vegetable seeds like, spinach, onion, parsley can sowing successfully. Sowing feets optionally could be produced with double disc or axe feet type. Available models ...

  • TORUN - Universal Combine Cereal Seeder with Gearbox Brochure

    Universal Combine Cereal Seeder with Gearbox can sow all of grains, soy, canola, Alfalfa and etc. forage crops. Adjustable sowing norm. Strong ...

  • ANZEK - Model H - No-Till Seeder Brochure

    ŞAKALAK is a No-Till seeder for all type of cereals, similar seeds and fertilizer, able to sowing on precision cultivated and semi-cultivated fields, pluging type sowing machine. Could be produced with 16, 18, 20, 24, 32 line ...

  • KBH - Model ST67 - Electric Auger Seed Tender Brochure

    67 Cubic Feet for 52-Bushel Capacity. Seed Hopper with Spring Loaded Door. 1.5 HP Electric Motor. 25' Battery Cable. Wired Remote ON/OFF Switch. 6" Auger Tube - Poly ...

    By KBH Corporation

  • KBH - Model ST350 - Seed Tender - Brochure

    Belt Unload 6” Tube . Quick Locking Tarp. 2 Compartments. Honda GX160 (STD 16' Belt) or Honda GX240 (STD 18' Belt). 350 Cubic Feet for 240-Bushel. Trailer -- (2) 20,000 # Rubber Torsion Axles. Wireless Remote Control for One-man Operation. 12.5 x 15 Goodyear Tires. Height Adjustable Unload Conveyor. LED Recessed Lights. 180 degree Pivoting Conveyor (Transports front or rear!). Adjustable ...

    By KBH Corporation

  • THOMAS - Model MAX-M - Combination Mulching Machine Brochure

    For laying and tamping of plastic or paper films and transplantation of seedlings with conical plate and cylindrical max cm. Max 7 cm diameter and cubic. 6x6 and even seeds. Spacing min. 27 max on request. Interplants min. 15 cm max. 162. It can work even mulching machine and only ...

    By Fedele Mario

  • Seed Steel plate products catalog

    Henan Seed Steel Metal Materials products catalog,seed steel can offer steel plate like carbon steel plate,alloy steel plate,non-alloy steel plate,stainless steel plate,grade like A516 grade 60/65/70,A533 grade A/B/C,A299 grade A/B steel plate.stainless steel like 304 stainless,ss201 steel,high quality 316l stainless steel.low alloy steel plate like S355JR steel,S355J0 steel plate,S355J2 sheet ...

  • Variocast - Model 8 - Seeder Brochure

    Low cost seeding with your cultivation equipment, the Variocast Seeder can be mounted on any type of implement and used for sowing crops such as rape, stubble turnips, kale and other small seeds as well as distributing slug pellets. Being ground wheel driven it maintains a consistent seedrate whatever speed the implement is working at. Drive is taken from the spoked land wheel and transmitted ...

    By OPICO Limited

  • OPICO - Model Air 8 - Grass Seeders Brochure

    Whether you are over-seeding or re-seeding pastures OPICO have a seeder to suit the job. The AIR 8 seeder is designed to fit directly onto an OPICO Grass Harrow. The seeder accurately meters and distributes the seed evenly across the width of the machine whilst the Grass Harrow opens up the soil and creates a tilth and then covers in the seed resulting in the ideal environment for seed ...

    By OPICO Limited

  • OPICO - Model Air 8E - Grass Seeders- Brochure

    The Air 8 (E) Electronic uses the electronic control as standard with a motor to drive the metering mechanism and twin electric fans to distribute the seed through its 8 outlets on machines up to 6.5m ...

    By OPICO Limited

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