Silage Additives

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  • The risks of spreading slurry after first silage cut

    Livestock farmers spreading slurry onto fields after first-cut grass silage face heightened risks of contamination after this year’s early start to the season, a silage specialist is warning, especially if following the current trend to more frequent silage cutting.The risks of spreading slurry after first silage cutAccording to Ecosyl silage expert, Darran Ward, spreading slurry after ...


  • Useful tips for bailing silage

    There are some useful tips for bailing as following: Chop the crop to allow for higher compression and better substrate availability - aim for 200 - 220 kg of dry matter / m3Add silage inoculants if necessary and according to planned useWrap -as ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Biotal by Lallemand

    Biotal by Lallemand

    Biotal by Lallemand Silage Inoculants are scientifically based and proven forage enhancement products. No matter what the harvest situation, there is a Biotal silage solution. As a producer, you deal with the growing and harvest scenarios that Mother Nature dishes out. Depending on conditions, Biotal Plus II can give fermentation a boost and drive the feed through the aerobic to anaerobic phases ...