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  • How to ensure optimal application of your silage inoculant?

    How to ensure optimal application of your silage inoculant?

    Are you sure your silage inoculant is well applied?Silage inoculants contain specifically selected live bacteria that are diluted and applied in small quantity at harvest. Their very nature could represent a limit to their use: in traditional formulations, the bacteria, once mixed with water, tend to sediment to the bottom of the tank after only a few hours. Lab experiments have shown tha


  • Useful tips for bailing silage

    Useful tips for bailing silage

    There are some useful tips for bailing as following: Chop the crop to allow for higher compression and better substrate availability - aim for 200 - 220 kg of dry matter / m3Add silage inoculants if necessary and according to planned useWrap -as ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Silage Spreader

    Silage Spreader

    The -holaras- Silagespreaders process large quantities of grass silage intensively and evenly. In addition, they allow a quicker distribution in one working pass. During the distribution you can continue to drive the tractor along the middle of the grass silage, avoiding dangerous manoeuvres along the edges and lost time. For raising the edges, the machine has rubber sideboards that can be folded ...